Computer Science Majors Conduct National Science Foundation Research

Three Covenant students are spending the summer of 2013 in National Science Foundation (NSF) research experiences for undergraduate programs, conducting research in a science field related to computer science. Arthur Anderson ’14 is at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Scott Hoelsema ’15 is at Hope College, and Chris Lenk ’14 at the University of Nebraska.


“The program provides an opportunity for students to engage in real research that has the potential to change the world,” says Dr. John Hunt, professor of computer science. “Competition for this program is stiff, and the sustained success that we have in placing students in the program (this brings us to nine students in the seven years I've been at Covenant) shows the quality of our program.”







Abby Hynson

"Advanced Programming Methodology - coming into Covenant, I had absolutely no experience with computer programming. This class was a personal breakthrough where I have learned to love and understand the foundations of coding. Dr. Humphries kept each student engaged in the class as we laughed and we learned as the class time flew by. "
- computer science major Abby Hynson

Keith Rice, Tim DeVries, and Nick Gilbert

Keith, Tim, and Nick discuss their team's exciting top-10 finish at the Southeastern conference of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges.