Covenant Appoints Seven New Faculty Members

New Covenant Faculty

In preparation for the 2012-2013 academic year, Covenant has appointed seven new faculty members. These professors will strengthen a variety of programs, including computer science, education, engineering, English, linguistics, theatre, and theological studies.


Dr. Jeff Humphries, associate professor of computer science, served as assistant professor and computer science curriculum chair at the Air Force Institute of Technology. He also served on the faculty at the United States Air Force Academy as associate professor and director of information assurance education. 


Dr. Sarah Donaldson, assistant professor of education, worked as an adjunct professor and visiting instructor at Covenant while finishing her Ph.D. in mathematics education at the University of Georgia.  Before that, she taught for four years at Chattanooga Christian School, taught for three years at Riverside School in Prague, and spent one year at the Christian International School of Prague.


Dr. Curtis Stern, professor of engineering, taught as an associate professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. He has authored numerous papers in major technical journals and worked as a senior research engineer at Enersyst Development Center in Dallas.


Dr. Robert Erle Barham, assistant professor of English, has taught as an instructor at the University of North Carolina since 2007, while completing his Ph.D.  He also taught at Belmont University and the University of Louisiana at Monroe.


Dr. Nola Stephens, assistant professor of linguistics, was a visiting assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University and worked as a research assistant at Indiana University, Stanford, and the University of California. She has been involved in various mentoring programs at Stanford and Penn State, and volunteered as a teacher of English as a second language.


Deborah Kirby, associate professor of theatre, has worked at Covenant as an adjunct professor and visiting instructor. She served as founder and producing artistic director for the Journeymen Theater Ensemble in Washington, DC, and has a wide array of teaching, producing, acting and directing experience.


Dr. Hans Madueme, assistant professor of theological studies, served as an adjunct professor of theology and bioethics at Trinity International University Graduate School, and as a research scholar for the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity.  He has published numerous journal articles, book notes and reviews, and is currently under contract with Baker Academic to co-edit and write two chapters for Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin


These professors will be installed during the opening convocation ceremony at the beginning of the fall 2012 semester.


“Covenant College is supported by a strong faculty with members who love the Lord, are dedicated to students and have a passion for learning,” says Dr. Jeff Hall, vice president for academic affairs. “These seven faculty members are exemplary in those regards and should have a positive influence on life, both in and out of the classroom.”




Kateland Godat

"Missions Methods and Problems. It was the first time I had ever taken a class on missionary life. It really taught me a lot about missions and how it’s not this fairytale adventure that people expect it to be. People expect missionaries to be perfect people with perfect adventurous lives, but sometimes you’re just a regular fallen person doing the average daily activities, and that’s okay."
 - Kateland Godat '19

Andrew Fultz

"Doctrine I with Dr. Kapic. More distinctly than anything or anyone else at Covenant, Kapic has helped me understand what it means to intentionally pursue faithful living in every area of my life. This began in Doctrine I, but has also continued in his other classes like Doctrine II, Christology, and Christian Spirituality. One of the first concepts we wrestled with in Doctrine I discussed the dynamics of how not only does our theology inform our lives as acts of worship, but simultaneously our lives inform our theology. You’ll have to take a class with him to really begin to unpack what that means, but Kapic has really helped me grasp the significance of this idea and how to live in response to it."
 - Andrew Fultz '18