New and Developing Academic Programs

The academic program at Covenant College continues to develop and grow through the efforts of the faculty and the work of the College’s board of trustees. Three new majors and three concentrations in other majors have been added or enhanced for the 2008-2009 year.


New majors are now being offered in economics, Spanish, and French.


“The College has a very strong economics department,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Jeff Hall, “that is complemented by work in our community development major. Professors Brian Fikkert and Lance Wescher in the department bring a strong Christian perspective and academic expertise from graduate studies in economics at Yale and Notre Dame.”


Last year, Dr. Sandy Shaw, who had previously taught at the College and was at the Stony Brook School for the last two decades, returned to Covenant. His graduate study in romance languages at Cornell University adds the necessary expertise for the French and Spanish majors and complements the good work of Professors Diana Cochran and Tom Neiles.


In addition, Covenant will offer a third semester of Arabic for the first time this fall. “The College is in the process of building a minor in Islamic Studies, and the Arabic language sequence is foundational to that effort,” said Dr. Hall.


Finally, the fine and performing arts are being enhanced in the coming semester by the addition of a digital art lab for visual and graphic arts as well as a concentration in musical theatre. The digital lab will allow art majors to study design in a Macintosh environment.


Musical theatre is being added as a concentration within the bachelor of music program. “Musical theatre has been experienced as a club activity through student organization and music department cooperation for the last three years,” said Dr. Hall. “The new program in the music department will offer academic credit and oversight for students participating in the program.” The program strengthens the list of concentrations already available in the music department, which includes piano, voice, instrumental, and church music.


Heather Harper

Heather Harper '16 describes her personal growth through open and caring relationships with classmates and faculty in the art department.

New Art Building

In just one year, Covenant College art students left behind the beloved, but dilapidated Art Barn and embraced a brand-new, 7,500-square-foot visual art facility.