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May Term Courses Take Students to New York City and Brazil

In addition to the May term courses offered on Covenant’s campus, four courses are currently taking place in New York City, with another in Brazil.

In New York City, Dr. Jay Green and seven students are surveying public and urban history from colonial times through the present. Dr. Steve Kaufmann is leading a practicum in education, in which seven students write daily, teach, and engage in other classroom-related experiences. Professor Jeff Morton is leading ten students on a special art course, while Professor Chris Dodson teaches seven students in a finances practicum.


In Ivoti, Brazil, Dr. Toni Chiareli is leading eight students on a sociology field research practicum, using team-based ethnographic research. Dr. Chiareli led a similar practicum last summer in Paris, France.


“May term courses provide unique opportunities for intensive study,” says Dr. Jeff Hall, vice president for academic affairs. “The compressed time frame can be an advantage to on-campus study or courses that are away from campus. Professors who lead the study away courses provide rich relational contexts for learning in venues that connect the classroom and the world. May term study can provide some of the most memorable learning of a student's college years.”