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International Studies & Linguistics Graduates



During Covenant’s 59th annual Commencement ceremony, the first international studies major and the very first students with minors in linguistics earned degrees from Covenant College.


“I’ve been interested in linguistics for a long time,” said linguistics minor Sarah Boone ’14. “I grew up as a missionary kid in Tanzania, so I was always exposed to languages and learning languages. I was really excited to meet Prof. Nola Stephens and I’ve taken as many of her classes as possible.”


Starting in the 2012-2013 school year, Covenant offered a new linguistics minor to students. Taught almost exclusively by Dr. Nola Stephens, assistant professor of linguistics, the program is both a scientific study of human language and a fascinating exploration into human sounds and communication. Our first linguistics minors graduated with a deeper sense of the complexity and beauty of language. Many graduates put in extra work to complete the requirements for their linguistics minor in three, sometimes two, semesters. Lydia Daugaard ’14, Bethany Post ’14, HollyAnne Knight ’14, Phillip Dennis ’14, and Sarah Boone ’14 all graduated with the first linguistics minors earned at Covenant.


“These are the first Covenant students to graduate with a linguistic minor,” said Dr. Stephens. “It’s really an impressive feat on their part. One is going to study Bible translation—applied linguistics—at a school in North Dakota, and some are thinking about careers that have nothing to do with linguistics, but they found the subject interesting.”


International Studies Covenant’s international studies program began in 2011, under the direction of Dr. Cale Horne ’00, assistant professor of political studies. The program places a high emphasis on research methods and upper-level foreign language training. Students in the international studies program are trained and prepared for a variety of post-graduate career paths.


Covenant’s first international studies graduate, Christian Masters ’14, had the opportunity to work as an intern at a number of international organizations during his time at Covenant. These organizations included the International Road Transport Union (IRU), National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), US Mission to the World Trade Organization (WTO), US State Department Foreign Language School, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the UN Economic Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).


“We could not ask for a finer student to be our first graduate from the international studies major,” said Dr. Horne. “Christian has taken his education seriously from beginning to end, and he has never failed to take the initiative in creating and seizing critical opportunities in the form of internships, study abroad opportunities, and language acquisition. Most importantly, as reflected in his academic work and vocational experiences, Christian has embraced the integrated life, subjecting the theory and practice of international relations to the claims of Christ. He is realizing the hopes we had for students interested in international politics, business and development when we began this program three years ago.”