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Carter Hall Renovation Begins

Carter Hall renovation


Covenant College is kicking off an extensive exterior renovation of its flagship building, Carter Hall.


The two-year project will return the exterior of Carter Hall to its original design. The building’s original stucco exterior will be uncovered, patched, and re-coated, and the stonework repaired. In addition to reclaiming the original design of the historic tower, a new roof will be installed, and all windows will be replaced with double windows. Plans include bringing back the porches on the north and south ends of the building and conducting limited renovations on the interior of the building, including the installation of a fire sprinkler system. Planning is also underway for a separate project that will include a renovation of the Great Hall during the summer of 2016.


The renovation of Carter Hall will occur in four semester-long phases and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2017. During each phase, the campus community will continue to make use of most of the building, while students and staff located in the particular section under renovation will be relocated to other housing and offices around campus.


“I am delighted by the support we’ve already received for this project,” said Dr. Derek Halvorson, president, “and pray that God would continue to guide us and to provide for this project as we seek to steward well a resource that has played—and continues to play—a central role in the life of the College and of each Covenant student.”


The estimated cost of the renovation is $19.4 million. To date, the College has $6.7 million designated for the renovation and an additional $4 million in pledges, providing the resources necessary to begin the project, while a campaign will be launched to raise the remaining $8.7 million.


Originally built in 1928 as the luxurious Lookout Mountain Hotel, which closed its doors during the Great Depression, Carter Hall has remained the most integral and recognizable campus structure since Covenant College moved to Lookout Mountain in 1964. The building is home to nearly 300 students and houses the campus dining hall, café, bookstore, mailroom, and many administrative offices. The renovation represents a proactive approach to reducing costly maintenance expenses.


“This is the culmination of a seven-year planning process,” said David Northcutt, campus architect. “We want to invest in and care for Carter to ensure that Covenant students will be able to enjoy the building for generations to come." 


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