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Prof. Claire Slavovsky and Two Alumni Perform in The Crucible

Claire Slavovsky '03, assistant professor of theatre and film studies, will appear in Arthur Miller's 1953 play, The Crucible. Two other Covenant alumni will appear in the production: Jonathan Nichols '95 as Reverend Parris and Mark Murray '08 as Ezekiel Cheever. Slavovsky will perform the role of Elizabeth Proctor, a farmer's wife whose family is at the center of the play's action. Such projects as this are important for a teacher of the arts, says Slavovsky, who believes a well-rounded artist is always learning, teaching and creating.


Dramatizing the Salem witch trials of 1692, The Crucible was initially received as a condemnation of the paranoiac blacklisting of the McCarthy era. Its relevance did not pass away with that period of history, however. For this production, director Chuck Tuttle has chosen wardrobe from the mid-twentieth century, showing the timelessness of the play's dilemma. "It's transcended its original context," says Slavovsky.


The play opens Friday, June 18, 2010, and continues through July 11 at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.