President Nielson and Maclellan Scholars Travel to Cambodia


In May, 2011, President Nielson and his wife led the annual Maclellan Scholars trip, this time to Cambodia to work alongside Words of Life ministry, which runs children's centers in the towns of Kracheh and Poipet.


The Maclellan Scholars tutored children ages 5-18, leading English classes and providing art and music lessons. They also helped with construction work on a ministry building on the main street of Kracheh.


"I am so thankful for the opportunity that we had to serve and work alongside those that will be investing in the ministry at this house long-term," says Taylor Kelly '14. "I am so excited and expectant about all that He will do there in years to come!"


President Nielson reports "lots of hard work during long, hot days, but with exciting and inspiring interactions and the sense that we are truly helping the ministry leaders here. All our students have developed great relationships with the children and ministry leaders: lots of hugs and smiles all day every day.


"We've also enjoyed getting to know Cambodian culture a bit -- foods, swimming in the Mekong River, visiting some of the sites of Pol Pot's horrific massacre of millions of his own people, and visiting the temple complex at Angkor Wat."


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