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Prof. Jeff Morton’s Work at Hunter Museum Exhibit

Hunter Invitational III

Beginning June 20, 2014, Chattanooga’s Hunter Museum of American Art is featuring Covenant art professor Jeffrey Morton, along with seven other regional artists, in their third Hunter Invitational exhibit. The Hunter Invitational III brings important artwork from regional artists to the museum and will include work from Jan Chenoweth, Alicia Henry, Philip Andrew Lewis, Jiha Moon, Jeffrey Morton, Greg Pond, Jered Sprecher, and Martha Whittington. 


Prof. Morton’s contributions to the exhibit will include smaller drawings, muscle memory sketches, and paintings. The three kinds of pieces are all connected, beginning with the smaller endurance drawings of kudzu on Signal Mountain.


“A few years ago, I took my camera and walked through an exotic field of kudzu close to my home on Signal Mountain,” said Prof. Morton. “Later I returned with my notebook and pencil to record the uncanny sights and textures of this strange landscape. When I visit, I do so only as an unwanted visitor or an unnoticed guest. Four hours is all the time I can handle in one sitting, thus titles of a two-day drawing read something like seven hours, thirty six minutes or eight hours, sixteen minutes.”


Later, Prof. Morton would draw over these initial sketches, finding the hidden forms again. Those drawings became sources for four larger paintings, each containing four colors—one dominant, two supporting, and one accent. 


“The larger paintings are thick, intentionally layered, and brought through a long process,” said Prof. Morton. “The intention is for viewers to experience the thickness of my place and to long to peel back layers to see what’s underneath.”


The opening of the Hunter Invitational III begins at 6:00 p.m. on June 20, 2014, and is open to the public at the cost of general admission. To learn more, visit the Hunter Museum website.