MAT Program Graduates First Class

The first graduates of Covenant’s master of arts in teaching (MAT) program received their diplomas in May, 2012.


The MAT program offers teacher certification to students who majored in art, biblical studies, biology, chemistry, economics, English, French, German, history, mathematics, physics, Spanish, or theatre, and desire to teach their subject area.


While it is separate from Covenant’s master of education (M.Ed.), MAT students benefit from that older program. Two of the MAT courses offered in the summer allow students to study and work alongside M.Ed. students, all of whom have years of teaching experience. “Sometimes people come into our M.Ed. program with fifteen or twenty years of experience,” says Dr. Jim Drexler, dean of social sciences and the master of education program. “So you can begin to see the benefit of studying together with veteran teachers in an intensive way. The cross-pollination has been really helpful for MAT students.”


Brandon Snipes ’11 is one of this year’s MAT graduates. He attended Covenant as an undergraduate student, majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies with a minor in education. Now with his master’s degree and certification, he has taken a teaching position at Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, Alabama.


“I've known that I wanted to teach Bible for a long time,” says Brandon, “and the MAT gave me the tools, skills, and know-how. From unit and lesson planning to assessment techniques and professional growth, the MAT covers all the bases.”


“We anticipate the MAT enrolling twenty or more students each year starting in 2013,” says Drexler, “and we are thrilled that thirteen different undergraduate programs can now offer teaching as an option for their students.”




Grace-Ann Arnold

"I love being an elementary education major and having the close-knit community of elementary education majors. Covenant’s education department excels at providing opportunities for students to be in the classrooms throughout the entire degree program, even as early on as first semester of your freshman year in Intro to Teaching. I have really enjoyed spending time down at a school in Chattanooga this semester to give me hands-on experience to relate to what I am learning in my coursework."
 - education major Grace Ann Arnold '18

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