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Covenant Students Awarded Chattanooga Technology Council Scholarships

Four students at Covenant College were recently named Chattanooga Technology (ChaTECH) Scholars. The ChaTECH scholarship program aims to invest in regional students who have technological talents—cultivating the area’s technology talent pipeline. The scholarship is funded by a number of local corporate partners. To apply for the scholarship, students must meet certain GPA requirements and submit an essay to ChaTECH describing what having a technology career means to them.


 “Many of our alumni have commented to me that one of the most valuable things they learned at Covenant was how to write well,” said Dr. John Hunt, professor of computer science. “You can have the most brilliant ideas, but they won’t mean much if you can’t write them down and communicate them with others. Our alumni can express themselves in writing. The success of our students’ scholarship essays is an early example of the writing abilities that are cultivated at Covenant.”


The four 2016 scholarship recipients from Covenant College are Abby Hynson, Nick Gilbert, Trent Shell, and Obed Tandadjaja—all majoring in computer science.


“I think this kind of success demonstrates the strength of our computer science program, relative to other programs,” said Hunt. “It’s an example of how we work with students to help them find and pursue opportunities beyond campus.”