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May Term Trips, 2011

Christian college intercultural summer courses

Every May, Covenant students have the opportunity to participate in summer courses that take them and their professors abroad to pursue unique academic endeavors. In 2011, the May term trips were to Budapest, Israel, Jordan, Paris, and Prague.


Budapest and Prague

Education Professors Steven Kaufmann and Jim Drexler led an education practicum, overseeing two separate groups of students working alongside teachers in international schools. Drexler led the Budapest group, while Kaufmann and his group went to Prague. Kaufmann explained that both trips "serve the same purpose of acquainting our education students with living and teaching in an international context."



In "Historical and Geographical Settings of the Bible," students led by Covenant staff member David Gambrell participated in an intensive three-week course offered by Jerusalem University College in Israel. The course introduced students to the geography, history, and archaeology of Israel, and included lectures and field study, emphasizing important aspects of Jerusalem and its environs in biblical and modern times. "We left Israel with an understanding of the geography and composition of the land of the Bible that will illuminate our reading of Scripture for the rest of our lives," said Gambrell.



"Global Trends", led by Education Professor Daphne Haddad, presented an overview of the economic, social, political, demographic, public health, environmental, cultural and religious issues that shape the region at the outset of the twenty-first century and beyond. Particular attention was paid to the historical, cultural, linguistic, and religious heritage of the Middle East, and several trips were taken to historically, archeologically and biblically important places in Jordan.



Sociology Professor Antonio Chiareli oversaw students in Paris, participating in a field research practicum in sociology. The group worked to utilize a team-based approach to field research, producing a coherent body of information accurately describing the street artists' scene in the historic Parisian district of Montmartre.


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