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Dr. Jeff Humphries Joins Computer Science Faculty

After twenty years in the United States Air Force, Dr. Jeff Humphries has joined Covenant’s faculty as an associate professor of computer science. An expert in cyber security, Humphries begins teaching this fall.Humphries


Humphries worked at the Air Force Information Warfare Center, where he was first exposed to computer security. “From that point on I pretty much stayed focused on that area,” says Humphries. “It has a lot of unsolved problems so it’s interesting to me.”


He then worked on the faculty at the United States Air Force Academy as associate professor and director of information assurance education. Humphries then served as assistant professor and cyber security curriculum chair at the Air Force Institute of Technology, where he taught such subjects as cryptography, network security, and cyber defense.


This fall, Humphries will teach the first of four new courses in cyber security. “The content is interesting but the labs are even more interesting,” he says, “showing how one breaks into wireless networks and things like that. This isn’t a course on how to do things you shouldn’t be doing but how to protect yourself against that kind of thing.”


Humphries notes that a common misconception is that computer science is primarily about computers. “The computer is a tool, but computer science is not focused on the tool itself, but on what problems we can solve with the tool,” he says. In his teaching, Humphries aims to “equip students to anticipate the impacts of computers from the perspective of an integrated Christian worldview, and to propose God-honoring and biblically informed answers to those problems.”