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Dr. Nola Stephens Appointed to Linguistics Professorship


Dr. Nola Stephens has joined Covenant’s faculty as an assistant professor of linguistics.

Stephens holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and Germanic studies from Indiana University in Bloomington and a Ph.D. in linguistics from Stanford University. For two years before coming to Covenant, she taught as a visiting assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University. She also worked as a research assistant at Indiana University and Stanford.

Stephens’ doctoral work focused on language acquisition in young children. “You don’t learn language from a screen or just hearing it,” says Stephens, “you have to be interacting with another speaker. Interaction is critical. Learning about how children learn language, you see so much of how God communicates with his people, and how he set that system up for us to communicate.

“It’s the system that God has chosen, not only to communicate with us, but so that we could be like him in that we use it to communicate with others. He could’ve done anything. I think this is an exceptionally cool part of God’s creation, and a really important way that he made us image bearers.”

This fall, Dr. Stephens will teach two composition classes and one course on syntax.