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Prof. Jay Green Authors Book on Historiography

Christian Historiography This September, Baylor University Press releases Christian Historiography: Five Rival Versions, authored by Dr. Jay Green, professor of history. Green teaches Historiography at Covenant College, and says that Christian Historiography emerged out of his many years teaching the course.


“The last third of the historiography class is devoted to what it might mean to write, teach, and think about history in self-consciously Christian ways,” said Green. “I'm of the opinion that, while there are a variety of ways of doing this wrongly and badly, there is not any single way of doing so correctly. I begin this section of the class each spring by offering an historical overview of how contemporary Christians have approached the challenge of doing history ‘Christianly.’ Gradually I came to put those I looked at in five different categories or ‘versions’ of Christian historiography. “


Christian Historiography explores the five versions of Christian historiography Green discusses in class and highlights both the positive elements of each method as well as its drawbacks, giving readers a close look at how Christians often approach the history and theory of writing history.


“When I had an opportunity to take my last sabbatical, I decided that it might be a good idea to try and develop my work in the historiography class into a book that explores this topic,” said Green. “While there are many, many people to thank for helping me think more carefully about this subject, I am especially grateful to the many students I have had the opportunity to engage with this material over the past seventeen years. They have challenged me and sharpened my thinking at every turn. It's a great honor that I have the chance to teach them here at Covenant.”


Christian Historiography is available from Amazon and Baylor University Press.