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Class of 2012 Gives Fire Pit as Senior Gift


Every graduating Covenant class leaves behind a gift to the College community, expressing gratitude and seeking to further enrich the Covenant experience for future Scots. This year, the class of 2012 gave a fire pit, installed between Founders Hall and Maclellan/Rymer Hall.


“This gift is special because of how much ownership the seniors exemplified through their campaign,” says Tim Mahla, assistant director of young alumni. “This year's senior class raised the most money in the history of the senior class gift.”


Among the seniors most dedicated to the project was Peter McCrory ’12, who is now an insurance underwriter. “We began thinking about the senior class gift pretty early on,” he says, “understanding that it is a major undertaking and something that really requires attention and energy. Before we thought of the fire pit, we talked about what makes a good gift: something that not only captures the Covenant ethos, but also would be utilized by the student body. Beyond capturing the ethos, we wanted a gift that would help create a place on campus where students could be together and have the type of conversations that typify the Covenant experience.”


In the end, the class agreed on the fire pit, utilizing the beautiful and often overlooked area between Founders and Maclellan/Rymer. Peter hopes the gift will become another centerpiece for the kind of community he enjoyed at Covenant. 

“As alumni, we have a stake in the future of Covenant and the senior class gift is the first opportunity we have to begin that process,” he says. “As a class, I think we really understand that vision. We love Covenant and want to support its kingdom work.”

The fire pit will be dedicated at homecoming in October 2012. Says Mahla: “We intend to invite this year’s graduating class to come back to be specifically recognized and honored for making this gift to Covenant a reality.”