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Celebrating the Legacy of Four Retiring Covenant Professors

As part of Covenant College's effort to plan for the 2009-2010 budget, four faculty members were offered the option of taking voluntary retirement.  Although none had announced retirement plans, all were willing to accept incentivized packages from the College for retirement. 


"I want to take this opportunity to express, on behalf of the entire Covenant College community, what a blessing these four faculty members have been to us over the years," said Dr. Jeff Hall, vice president for academic affairs.  "Through their teaching, relationships, families, and involvements in the community, these professors have exemplified the qualities that help to make Covenant the unique and wonderful place it is.  In particular, each of them profoundly influenced hosts of students through their classroom instruction, their scholarship, and their mentoring." 


Dr. Ray Clark Dr. Ray Clark taught at Covenant for 42 years as a member of the Biblical and Theological Studies department.  Dr. Clark's energy in the classroom and passion for the study of Doctrine, New Testament Studies, and World Religions will be impossible to replace.  Two generations of pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers and Bible study leaders can trace their zeal for God's Word back to their work in his classes.




Dr. Paul Hesselink

Dr. Paul Hesselink taught at Covenant for 37 years as a member of the English department.  Dr. Hesselink's arid sense of humor and probing classroom discussions equipped his students to handle difficult texts skillfully and kept his faculty colleagues on their toes.  For many years he oversaw the Maclellan Scholars Program, pushing some of Covenant's best students to work near the limits of their potential.





Dr. Jack Muller

Dr. Jack Muller taught at Covenant for 38 years as a member of the Sociology department.  Dr. Muller's commitment to the lives of his students extended to their most complicated spiritual and interpersonal  struggles.  Covenant's Sociology program owes its existence and current health to Dr. Muller's vision, persistence, and effort.





Dr. Doug Sizemore

Dr. Doug Sizemore taught at Covenant for 35 years as a member of the Information and Computer Science department.  Dr. Sizemore's impact on Covenant is much larger than he would ever admit-even to himself.  In addition to teaching Statistics to legions of Psychology, Sociology, and Business students, he is personally responsible for bringing Covenant into the computer age by bringing the first computers to campus.   




"We are delighted that all four professors will maintain offices on campus, and they will be offered adjunct teaching opportunities as those arise," said Dr. Hall.


"We will be celebrating God's blessing to our community through these professors in the upcoming months, with opportunity for members of our community to express their appreciation for them."