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Covenant Strengthens Academic Program in Marketing

Prof. Ron Jones

Beginning in the fall of 2010, Covenant will strengthen its academic program in marketing with Ron Jones, a new addition to the business faculty.

A deacon in his home church with a master of accountancy, four years of recent doctoral studies toward a PhD in marketing education, a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies from Covenant, and over 25 years’ experience in the financial sector, Jones has much to say on the topic of being in but not of the world. “You’ve heard of truth in lending; well, there’s also truth in advertising,” he says. “People may incorrectly correlate marketing with manipulation. I want my students to know that, while marketing involves a study of human and producer behaviors, it need not result in some clever psychological technique to manipulate someone into something they do not need or want.”

Much of his research has addressed the probability of increased creativity by means of collaboration in marketing. “I think that fits well with the Covenant community,” he says, “because we are not an island. In the church, we work with individuals who have unique perspectives. We need each other. Creativity can be enhanced when we lay it all out on the table and have time for discussion and brainstorming.”


In creating his syllabi, Jones took advantage of modern technology to save his students money and focus their studies in his course on promotion by creating a custom textbook. “Southwest Publishing has a fantastic textbook on personal selling. We can’t cover a full course in just personal selling so I’ve extracted 3 out of the 10 or 12 chapters that I think are most appropriate for our students to learn and I’m going to emphasize that in our professional selling component of this class.”

As he completes his plans for the coming semester, Jones looks forward to exploring the problems and possibilities of marketing in the modern age, striving to understand individual callings and how to be a Reformed Christian in commerce, ready to transform culture. “That’s where I’m headed. The students will work with me as we discover what that means.”