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Deborah Kirby Joins Faculty as Associate Professor of Theatre

kirbyBeginning this fall, Deborah Kirby will serve at Covenant as an associate professor of theatre. Before taking that position, she worked as an adjunct professor and visiting instructor. She was also founder and producing artistic director for the Journeymen Theater Ensemble in Washington, DC.


Kirby holds two bachelor of arts degrees: one from Calvin College and the other from Baylor University. She also holds a master of fine arts from Purdue University.


"Professor Kirby is enthusiastic and visionary," says Camille Hallstrom, professor of theatre and film studies. "She has great rapport with students and fellow faculty members, both on campus and at other local venues. She is a great addition to the various abilities we have already had amongst the department faculty, and we are delighted and blessed to have her with us."


After nearly thirty years of acting, much of Kirby’s recent theatrical work has been as director. Last year she directed Covenant’s productions of Aida and of Three on the Seesaw. She sees, in theatre, an illustration of Christ’s body, with the director, stage manager, designers, and actors all performing their own parts of one elaborate function. She also believes a liberal arts education is instrumental in training effective actors.
“Actors get the responsibility of becoming empathetic with whatever character you’re playing,” she says. “Because of that it broadens your horizons into other peoples’ lives: their joys, their struggles and disappointments. Jesus told parables. He was a storyteller, and we get to do that through theatre.”


In addition to teaching courses, Kirby will direct a production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It this fall, and an unannounced musical production in the spring.