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New Scholarship for International Studies Major

international studies

Beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year, Covenant will offer an international studies scholarship of $11,000. This award follows the creation of Covenant’s international studies program in 2011.


“International studies is new to Covenant,” says Dr. Cale Horne, assistant professor of political studies, “and the addition of an international studies scholarship is one means of increasing the visibility of the program, as well as a means of attracting the best students to Covenant College.”


Dr. Horne helped design Covenant’s international studies major, which distinguishes itself from most other such programs in its emphasis on research methods and upper-level foreign language training. “This is quite a rigorous program,” says Dr. Horne, “and we want to raise our profile among students who are looking for that kind of academic experience. I think what we’re offering here is well thought out and fairly unique, and I hope this new emphasis on serious, Christ-centered preparation for internationally-oriented vocations will cause a certain type of student that we’ve been missing to take a careful look at Covenant in the future.”
Students interested in applying for this scholarship should contact Covenant's admissions office at or 888.451.2683. Applications for this and Covenant’s other competitive scholarships will be available beginning September 1, 2012.