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Alumni Give Input on Vision for Music Department

music alumni

In August 2012, Covenant hosted a weekend of discussions concerning the direction of the College’s music department. This event followed the recent announcement of transitions in the department, including the departure of Drs. Jeanell Brown and Ken Anderson. Dr. Ginner Hudson, dean of instructional technology, facilitated brainstorming sessions among a group of music alumni, professors, and administrators.


“The meetings were characterized by candor and charity,” says John Wykoff ’04, one of the alumni who participated in the weekend. “It was a mark of wisdom for the administration to turn such an intentional and focused ear to the music alumni.


“Difficult as it is to think of the absence of my own former teachers, there is a rare opportunity here for the College during this transition,” John continues. “My hope is that we will see a department in closer union with the College as a whole and with her mission, one that is strong where the College is strong.”


“I'm very grateful for Jeanell Brown's continued interest in the program, which she has expressed in a real dedication to helping us through this transition,” says Dr. William Tate, professor of English. “Largely thanks to her efforts, we have a number of very well qualified instructors and visiting professors in place for the coming year. With the help of our alumni advisors, I have high hopes that we'll find just the right faculty to develop a strong program moving forward. One of my hopes is that the music program will better serve the church.”


“The alumni provided insightful advice and helpful encouragement for the future of the music program and department,” says Dr. Jeff Hall, vice president for academic affairs. “After a good evening and morning together, we closed our time by singing the doxology and college hymn. This was an inspirational and fitting conclusion to our sessions. To God be the glory!”


Any members of the Covenant community who wish to offer input on the direction of the music department are invited to email