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New Student Orientation

Orientation is the time when we introduce and welcome you to Covenant College. This is one of the weeks we look forward to most each year. It's the time when you will make your first friends at Covenant and begin to settle into your new home for the next four years.


There are three specific goals we hope to fulfill during this first week.


First, to ease personal, social, and emotional transition and adjustment to Covenant.

  • help moving in on arrival day
  • mailbox key given
  • introduction to computer labs (initial log on and password assignment)
  • time for ID cards to be made
  • visit to Priesthill Center (Health Services) for clearing registration holds
  • introduction to the library
  • introduction to phone system
  • small group assignments
  • time with RAs (for resident students)
  • large group games
  • meeting for parents (offices open)
  • hall Bible studies and prayer and praise times


Second, to help students begin to define their educational purpose at Covenant.


Third, to provide a balanced introduction to opportunities and expectations at Covenant.

  • work-study/practical service introduction
  • financial aid required loan intake interviews
  • review of college policies
  • review of residence hall policies
  • chapel introduction
  • student association meeting
  • introduction to campus clubs