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Dr. Lance Wescher Promoted to Associate Professor of Economics

Dr. WescherDr. Lance Wescher has been promoted from assistant professor to associate professor of economics.

Wescher joined Covenant’s faculty in 2006, and has since helped develop and grow the economics major at Covenant. In addition to teaching a full load of classes every semester, Wescher has served as a panel member for the Seed Project entrepreneurship competition and is the faculty advisor for the running club.  


Students and alumni regularly comment on the rigor of Wescher’s classes—including his infamous “pop tests”—while also noting his willingness to help students succeed in difficult classes. 


“Dr. Wescher has a way of making me push myself beyond what I think I'm capable of and making really difficult work enjoyable,” said alumna Kristin Owen ’13, who double majored in economics and community development. “He holds us to high standards and expects a lot from us, but he also sacrificially gives a great deal to us so that we are able to succeed. His classes are some of the best I took at Covenant because he is fully invested in every class he teaches.” 


This fall, Wescher will teach Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, and the Senior Integration Paper.


“Dr. Wescher has done an outstanding job of building the economics major at Covenant College,” said Dr. Brian Fikkert, professor of economics and community development. “Teaching everything from ‘History of Economic Thought’ to ‘Econometrics,’ it is very likely that he handles a wider range of courses than any other economics professor in the country.  And yet, Dr. Wescher still finds the time to spend countless hours assisting his students with their problem sets over lunch in the Great Hall.  He is a tremendous gift to Covenant College and to the Kingdom as a whole. Virtually irreplaceable.”