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Covenant College on Forbes’ List of America’s Best Colleges

Forbes has honored Covenant College in its 2010 list of America’s Best Colleges, ranking it 179th. The rankings include 610 of the approximately 6,600 institutions of higher education in the U.S.

In response to this news, college president Niel Nielson had this to say:

“The Forbes rankings focus in large part on data about current students and graduates, and in these terms it seems that Covenant does quite well compared to our peers.  An engaging academic experience; on-time graduation; relatively low debt; effective entry into their vocations -- these are helpful and encouraging comparisons which add to our sense that, in God's providence, we're on the right track in many good ways.


“At the same time, these comparisons never get at the true distinctives of any college, which at Covenant have to do with our relentless focus on the preeminence of Jesus Christ in every dimension of learning and life, our joyfully firm commitment to the inerrant Scriptures, our embrace of the rich heritage of scholarship and worship framed by the Westminster Confession of Faith, our love for the church, and our deepest desire to bear witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, through the proclamation of which God is making all things new.”