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Dr. Curtis Stern Joins Covenant Faculty

Dr. Curtis Stern has joined Covenant’s faculty as a professor of engineering. Dr. Stern earned a Ph.D. and master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a bachelor of science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He taught at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University for over twenty years, has authored numerous papers in major technical journals, and worked as a senior research engineer at Enersyst Development Center in Dallas.


Covenant’s dual-degree engineering program allows students to study for three years at Covenant before transferring to an approved engineering school. Students in the program are able to pursue degrees in mechanical, electrical, chemical, or industrial engineering, along with their associated sub-disciplines. Dr. Stern’s expertise and experience will be vital to this program’s growth.


"The physics department is thrilled to have Dr. Stern join,” says Dr. Phill Broussard, professor of physics. “He brings a strong engineering presence to the department, and we expect the dual-degree engineering program to be really blessed by his hard work."


Among the factors that drew Dr. Stern to Covenant was the class size, which is significantly smaller than those he taught in Virginia. “It’s been a longtime interest of mine to teach at a smaller institution where I’m more connected with the students,” he says. “This was an opportunity to go from a bigger university to a smaller setting.”


In addition to the class size, Dr. Stern looks forward to being free to express and explore his faith alongside his students. “At a state university, I would declare my beliefs, I would state that publicly in the classroom, but I was very limited,” he says. “I’m more a follower of Christ than I am anything else, so when I stand in front of a group of people and that’s the one thing I can’t talk about, that constrains me tremendously.


"God was a designer, a creator, and – I would say – an engineer," says Dr. Stern. "He gave us the natural world that we live in. He tells us that the whole world was created for our benefit and our enjoyment, and we’re to take dominion over it. As an engineer I feel the same kind of opportunity to create things for the benefit of others.”