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Faculty Promotions in Political Science, Art, & Biology

Faculty Promotions

Three Covenant College professors received promotions over the summer: Dr. Cale Horne, Dr. Richard Nelson, and Prof. Kayb Joseph.


Dr. Cale Horne ’00 was promoted from assistant to associate professor of political studies. Horne joined Covenant’s faculty in 2011 from Penn State. His position as Covenant’s first assistant professor of political studies allowed for the creation of political studies as a history concentration and as a minor. During his time at Covenant, Horne has been instrumental in developing Covenant’s international studies program.

Kayb Joseph was promoted from associate professor to professor of art. Since 2004, Joseph has served our art students with skill and care, both teaching and modeling the life of a Christian artist. Her work is often displayed around campus in exhibits like Lotus Eaters, which featured six sets of her work including ceramics, photography, and sculpture.

Dr. Richard Nelson was promoted from associate professor to professor of biology, and now serves as the biology department chair. Nelson joined Covenant’s faculty in 2006, and has faithfully served our students in the biology program since then. He serves as the faculty advisor for Covenant’s Tri-Beta student biology club, which works to increase students’ understanding of creation in the context of a creator God.