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Washington Monthly Ranks Covenant #13 in Nation among Baccalaureate Colleges

In August 2014, Washington Monthly ranked Covenant #13 among baccalaureate colleges in the nation, up from 15 in last year’s ranking. The ranking specifically notes the community service in which students participate while at Covenant and the support students receive from staff and financial aid.

Washington Monthly ranks schools in three categories, all of which “contribute to the public good.” The three categories include social mobility, research, and service. Washington Monthly explains, “Our rankings have always rejected the idea that expense, luxury, and exclusivity should be held up as the highest values for colleges and students to aspire to.”


Covenant ranked eighth in the country for the number of bachelor's recipients who go on to receive PhDs, relative to school size, and first in the country for the number of alumni who go on to serve in the Peace Corps, relative to school size.


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