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On Thursday, August 27, 2015, Covenant College held its sixty-first annual convocation ceremony, welcoming the Class of 2019 to campus and opening a new academic year. President Halvorson presided over the ceremony; Dr. Oliver Trimiew, associate professor of interdisciplinary studies, provided the invocation; and Dr. Jay Green, professor of history, delivered the convocation address.


Green’s address, titled “The Holy Irrelevance of Covenant College,” pointed out how seemingly foolish, silly, even ridiculous the work of Covenant College—a residential, liberal arts college on Lookout Mountain—may seem to today’s world. He then described, in thankfulness, the good work God has called faculty, staff, and students to participate in on this mountain.


“As never before, we need to understand, whole-heartedly defend, and live out the mission of Covenant College: exploring and expressing the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things,” said Green. “As never before, we need the kind of education offered at places like Covenant. As never before, we need to explore and extend the biblical framework we cherish as we prayerfully guide our communities through the turbulent waters that lie before us. As never before, we need thoughtful men and women formed at places like Covenant to become a faithful presence in their communities, both here and around the world. Would God’s mission in the world suddenly fall apart if, tomorrow, Covenant ceased to exist? No. I’m sure God would have no trouble carrying forth his mission in the world, with or without us. But God has thus far seen fit to use us—with all our foibles—in our small corner of the world, to accomplish many good things.”


After the address, three new faculty members were installed: Christiana Fitzpatrick, director of global education; Dr. Karen Nelson, director of institutional research; and Dr. Chris Robinson, assistant professor of sociology.


Chairman of the Board Dick Bowser delivered a charge to students, and Rodney Miller, dean of records, introduced new students to campus as the Covenant community erupted in a welcoming applause.


Students, faculty, and staff concluded the ceremony with a congregational singing of the College hymn, “All for Jesus.” Dr. Cale Horne, associate professor of political studies, delivered the closing prayer, and Covenant’s Pipe & Drum Corps led the recessional out of the chapel, marking the official start of the academic year.