The 64th Annual Convocation Ceremony

At the 64th annual Covenant College Convocation Ceremony on Thursday, August 23rd, President Halvorson welcomed new and returning students back to campus.

The ceremony began with a procession of the faculty members led by the iconic pipe and drums corps—both were greeted with roaring cheers and applause from the Scots. Included in the procession of faculty were two new additions: alumna Lindsey Latta Fain ‘05 as the new associate dean of the Graduate School of Education, and Arwen Matos-Wood as assistant professor of Marketing. Both were installed during the ceremony.

Dr. Stephen Kaufman gave the Convocation address. Pulling from 1 Corinthians 15: 50-58, and a personal story of his wife of fifty years, Dr. Kaufmann emphasized the importance of exploring every corner of the creation landscape and of giving our lives fully to the work God has given us. He reminded students of their identity as children of God who have been given important, beautiful work to do. "Where are you, Covenant College?" Dr. Kaufmann asked. "You're not in a scary place; you're in the hollow of God's hand. And what are you up to? Participating in God's grand project, the one that stretches across the border of this life and into the next." As part of God's grand project, Dr. Kaufmann included an array of tasks— from fixing leaky pipes to raising a family to winning wars. He ended the address with a quote from the song “Your Labor is Not in Vain” by The Porter's Gate: "The houses you labored to build / will finally with laughter and joy be filled. / The serpent that hurts and destroys shall be killed / and all that is broken be healed."

Mr. Craig Wood, the chairman of Covenant College's Board of Trustees, charged students to seek wisdom. He drew a distinction between factual knowledge and true wisdom, which answers the universal human question of "why." Without a Christian worldview, he said, the answer to this "question of wisdom" is impossible to answer correctly. Mr. Wood praised the faculty for their deep care for wisdom and affirmed students in their choice of a school that would help them uncover true wisdom.

As a college, the students, faculty, and staff read through the Ceremony of Commitment penned by Dr. Nicholas P. Barker, a former professor of English and vice president of academic affairs.

To close the ceremony, the Pipe and Drum Corps led out the faculty with the familiar tune of "Scotland the Brave," accompanied by the zealous clapping and cheers of a refreshed student body.


Story by Sarah Dreher '21 and Suzannah Guthmann '20