Covenant Installs, Promotes Faculty Members

From left, Vice President Jeff Hall, Professor Elaine Tinholt, Professor Amy Bagby, and President Niel Nielson

Covenant College is pleased to welcome to its faculty for the 2009-2010 academic year two professors who had been serving at Covenant in other capacities.


Professor Amy Bagby is director of the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education program, and Professor Elaine Tinholt is an assistant professor of education. Both faculty members had been employed at Covenant previously--Professor Bagby in an administrative capacity as coordinator of the B.S.E.C.E. program and Professor Tinholt as a visiting instructor of education.


They were officially installed as members of the faculty during the College's Convocation ceremony on August 27, 2009.  Click here to see a photo album or video of Convocation.


In addition, several Covenant College faculty members have received promotions.

 From associate professor to full professor:

From administrative faculty to associate professor:



Kateland Godat

"Missions Methods and Problems. It was the first time I had ever taken a class on missionary life. It really taught me a lot about missions and how it’s not this fairytale adventure that people expect it to be. People expect missionaries to be perfect people with perfect adventurous lives, but sometimes you’re just a regular fallen person doing the average daily activities, and that’s okay."
 - Kateland Godat '19

Andrew Fultz

"Doctrine I with Dr. Kapic. More distinctly than anything or anyone else at Covenant, Kapic has helped me understand what it means to intentionally pursue faithful living in every area of my life. This began in Doctrine I, but has also continued in his other classes like Doctrine II, Christology, and Christian Spirituality. One of the first concepts we wrestled with in Doctrine I discussed the dynamics of how not only does our theology inform our lives as acts of worship, but simultaneously our lives inform our theology. You’ll have to take a class with him to really begin to unpack what that means, but Kapic has really helped me grasp the significance of this idea and how to live in response to it."
 - Andrew Fultz '18