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Washington Monthly Ranks Covenant #15 in Top Baccalaureate Colleges

In August 2013, Washington Monthly placed Covenant at number 15 in its list of top baccalaureate colleges, up from 48 in last year’s ranking. The ranking noted the percentage of Covenant students receiving Pell Grants, graduation rates, community service, and more.

The Washington Monthly rankings are based on how schools influence the public good in three categories: social mobility, research, and service. Washington Monthly explains that their rankings “aim to identify institutions that are acting on behalf of the true public interest.”

“One of our institutional purposes is to develop a Christ-like spirit in students,” said Dr. Jeff Hall, vice president for academic affairs. “Although the standards and indicators used by the Washington Monthly do not align perfectly with those of the College, it is nice to be recognized as an institution that serves the public good. As our students and alumni respond to extraordinary callings in ordinary places, we are eager to have the name of Jesus be honored above all.”

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