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Students Serve in Second Annual “Love Lookout” Event

On Saturday, September 10, 2011, over 70 Covenant students participated in the second annual Love Lookout event, volunteering time and energy to serve local homes, schools and ministries.


After an early breakfast on campus, the group set out to 13 different work sites, including homes in need of repair, Fairyland Elementary School, Chattanooga Christian School, and Hope for the Inner City.


“Love Lookout builds relationships between Covenant students and the larger community of the college,” says Eliza Barger ’14, “relationships that can turn into year-long service projects or just new friends to share our lives with and learn from.” 


“I have received emails expressing gratitude and noting the wonderful servant hearts of our students,” says Resident Director Chris Stern. “Our prayer with this project is that the students would serve out of a genuine desire to bring glory to Christ and not themselves. We felt this was true of our students and were thrilled that they were able to reflect Christ’s love to those in our surrounding community!”