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Covenant Now Accepting the Classic Learning Test for Admissions

Covenant College is pleased to announce that applicants may now fulfill the admission application standardized test submission requirement with the Classic Learning Test (CLT). Previously the SAT and ACT were the only approved standardized tests; the CLT has now been added to the list of approved options.


The CLT, which began in 2015, was developed to measure the mastery of key subject areas in the high school (secondary) curriculum in the United States. Since its development, the test has been studied to evaluate the validity and reliability of the test, and to establish comparisons between the SAT, ACT and CLT.


With nearly 80 peer colleges now accepting the CLT, Covenant College believes that adding this test will help us care better for our students from classical schools and homeschool educational backgrounds—which comprise close to 30% of our student body.


If you are interested in more information about the CLT, please visit their website.