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Professor Zuidema and Chemistry Students Publish Article

The research group led by Dr. Dan Zuidema, associate professor of chemistry, has published another article in the peer-reviewed journal Synthetic Communications. The article is titled "Deoxygenation of Aromatic Ketones Using Transfer Hydrogenolysis with Raney Nickel in 2-Propanol."


Professor Zuidema explains that deoxygenation allows chemists to remove an oxygen atom from a molecule. “This type of reaction might be useful in the synthetic preparation of a new pharmaceutical drug, for instance,” he says. “Many existing deoxygenation procedures require either highly acidic or basic conditions. The procedure we have developed can be done under neutral conditions.  This is important because many molecules that a chemist might want to deoxygenate are acid-sensitive, base-sensitive, or both!”


Four Covenant students, Karin Bosma ’10, Abigail Smith ’10, Sarah Williams ’09, and Katie Wert ’08, all made significant contributions to the work and are co-authors of the article. “I count working with these four students a big privilege,” says Professor Zuidema. “It is exciting to see them apply their sharp minds and God-given talent to wrestling with problems that we face in the scientific community.  It is also rewarding to see them get their work published. 


“I think this goes beyond simply benefitting the students involved, however. When we publish results, we get the opportunity to publicly profess, ‘Look at how gracious God has been to us.  Look at what he has shown us about himself and his creation!’” 


Listen as Professor Zuidema describes this research and discusses research as worship.