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Idea Farm Blitz

Idea Farm BlitzOn October 1, 2013, the Idea Farm Blitz kicked-off the fourth annual Seed Project, an entrepreneurship initiative at Covenant College. Managed by the Center for Calling & Career, the Seed Project encourages students to develop business and non-profit ideas alongside their peers and with the guidance of local and College mentors. Students, alumni, and staff gathered to hear ideas for inventions, product design, non-profits, and brick and mortar businesses.


Jacob Hutcherson ’12, winner of the third Seed Project, encouraged students to take advantage of the incredible resources, opportunities, and networks he found through the Seed Project process.


“The Seed Project was, by far, the most valuable thing I did at Covenant,” Hutcherson said.

Max Poppel, co-founder of the Crash Pad and Flying Squirrel, shared the process of moving from plan to reality in his businesses. He offered advice on starting a new business and answered questions about investors, the development process, and some of his core business practices.

Participants and spectators at the Idea Farm Blitz came from a wide range of majors, including English, art, business, pre-engineering, philosophy, and education. The hands-on aspect of entrepreneurship helped students of all disciplines feel comfortable sharing their ideas.

 “The whole event had a really encouraging atmosphere,” said psychology major Matt Hudnut ’14. “I didn’t feel like I needed to have everything figured out. It’s a safe place to talk about ideas and get helpful and encouraging feedback.”

Presenters were given three minutes to pitch their idea, and two minutes to answer any questions.

 “I was really nervous to present,” said education major Jessica Cooper ’16. “But the environment was great, and I’m excited about what I’ll learn through the process.”

The next steps in the Seed Project process involve preparing, writing, and rewriting business plans in preparation for the submission deadline slated for early January.

“Between the good student turn-out in the audience, the diversity of ideas presented, and the evident eagerness of the participants, I’m really excited for this year’s Seed Project,” said Anthony Tucker, director of the Center for Calling & Career. “The next step is for these participants to develop a business plan for their idea. We will begin reviewing those submissions sometime after Christmas break. While that seems like a long way off for these participants, we’re constantly reminding them of the challenge of this great process.”