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Covenant Launches New Career Center

Covenant College recently hired Anthony Tucker '99 to direct the Center of Vocational Exploration and Career Services. In this new position, Tucker will work with students in career assessment and seek to open up internship and job opportunities for Covenant students and alumni. Leda Goodman '90 has been hired to assist in the work of the center.


"Our primary goal is to allow the students and alumni to identify their skills and interests and then help them connect those to a need in our world," says Tucker. He hopes to build up a broad network by connecting with local businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, and alumni.


"Chattanooga and North Georgia have been blessed by Covenant College graduates that decided to stay in the area. We want to continue partnering with these local organizations to see how God can use our students and alumni to be change agents in the region."


But Tucker is also thinking of a world-wide network. "We have alumni scattered across this globe," he says. "Our alumni would bend over backward to help students and young alumni figure out where they can meet a need in our world, and we have a network of churches across the world that want nothing more than to connect young people to needs in society."


One of the ways Tucker hopes to build up this network is by creating "pipelines" of internships for students, such as has already begun in Washington, D.C. "Each year, Covenant grads take a leap into public service in Washington, D.C. Because of this pipeline of talent fulfilling needs there, Covenant students continue moving to and serving in D.C. We want to duplicate that in other places, and we want to build as many pipelines as we can fill," he says.


Sheldon Grizzle '03 is excited for the work that Tucker is doing at Covenant. Grizzle worked with Tucker at CreateHere, a non-profit organization committed to building Chattanooga's cultural economy through artistic and economic development. "Anthony is an entrepreneur at heart," Grizzle says. "I think he'll bring some creativity to an area that normally lacks creativity. He's been teaching the SpringBoard Business Planning Course for emerging entrepreneurs at CreateHere, and Anthony will be bringing that same entrepreneurial mindset to providing practical advice and opportunities for students."


Tucker most recently served as the chief operating officer for Clumpies Ice Cream Co. in Chattanooga. His previous experience also includes roles as business development director for the Lakeland Economic Development Council in Lakeland, FL, and a real estate and community development consultant.


The new center, in addition to opening up job opportunities, also works with students in vocational exploration. For the past two years, the College has distributed a career assessment test to each new student and offered a presentation about career guidance. But Tucker also works with students through casual conversations, by bringing in speakers and recruiters, and by working closely with the faculty. "I remember being a student here at Covenant, and I know full well the influence my professors had on me," says Tucker. "We'd be crazy not to partner with the very people that lead in educating and advising the students."


As associate professor of management Dr. Scott Quatro says, "Covenant has done a great job of preparing students for various professional callings. But we need to do a better job of coming alongside students as they discern their professional calling, and then connect them with specific internship or job opportunities. The new center, under Anthony's leadership, is an important step to these ends."


"Under Anthony Tucker's leadership," says Vice President for Advancement Troy Duble, "we are looking forward to increasing Covenant College's presence in Chattanooga and North Georgia. We have, over the years, enjoyed a great partnership with significant Chattanooga businesses, such as Chattem, who have welcomed our students into their ranks as interns. This relationship has brought some of the freshest and most creative students into the lab of the marketplace. And the benefit to our students is important as they consider their careers and callings."