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“Ethics and Online Communities” Panel Discussion

A panel discussion on ethics and online communities will take place at Covenant, featuring President Halvorson, professor of philosophy Dr. Bill Davis, and associate professor of computer science Dr. Jeff Humphries. The event is hosted by Covenant’s Technology Club and begins at 7:00 p.m. on November 8, 2012, in Brock Hall 120/122.

“Everybody on this campus interacts in some way with Facebook, Twitter, or Skype… you name it,” says John Holland ’13, president and founder of the Technology Club. “And our question is: how does a Christian do that differently?”

This event follows recent activities hosted by the Technology Club, including building a computer. A computer science and business major, John says many club members come from majors outside the hard sciences, and notes that their diverse perspectives enrich the club’s exploration of faith and technology.


The panel is free and open to the public.