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Prof. Scott Quatro Edits Book on Executive Ethics

Executive Ethics IIDr. Scott Quatro, professor of management at Covenant College, served as co-editor of Executive Ethics II: Ethical Dilemmas and Challenges for the C Suite, 2nd Edition. Dr. John Hunt, professor of computer science, and Dan Wykoff, vice president for finance and operations and CFO at Covenant, contributed chapters to the volume.


Executive Ethics II was published by Information Age Publishing in the summer of 2016. The publisher provides a helpful description of the work:


“This 2nd edition of Executive Ethics provides a variety of contemporary and timely readings squarely focused on the ethical dilemmas and challenges faced by today’s C‐suite executives. In addition to identifying these dilemmas and challenges, the contributors provide both knowledge and insight on how C‐suite executives can proactively address such ethics issues.”


Hunt authored a chapter titled “The Ethical Dimension of Big Data,” digging into the question of privacy.


“Being in a liberal arts environment, I’ve always tried to understand the ‘why’ question,” said Hunt. “As I do, I’ve gotten deeper into certain areas and in particular into privacy. I’ve seen case studies where businesses make mistakes that hurt themselves because they haven’t thought it all through. At one level, it looks very complicated—you can get into technology and bits and pieces—but at another level, it’s just about caring for people and recognizing that people are important.”


Wykoff authored the chapter, “Stewarding High Performance in Nonprofit Organizations: The Mission-Critical Challenge of Addressing Mediocrity Among Employees.”


“The theme of what I was doing was bringing a nonprofit practitioner’s view to say: here are the challenges executives are facing who are leading nonprofits,” said Wykoff.


In addition to co-editing the volume, Quatro authored two chapters in the book. “Introduction to Executive Ethics II” was co-authored by Quatro and his co-editor Ronald R. Sims, who serves as the Floyd Dewey Gottwald Senior Professor in the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary. Quatro also authored a chapter titled “Profit Profits!”


“Our scholarly activity definitely has synergy with our teaching,” said Quatro. “Executive Ethics, the first edition of the book, came out of conversations with Ron Sims but also with my business ethics seminar students at Covenant. I wouldn’t have even pursued that project had it not been for the dialogue that was happening in my class.”