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Prof. Madueme Edits Adam, the Fall, & Original Sin

Adam, the Fall, and Original SinBaker Academic released Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin, edited by Dr. Hans Madueme, assistant professor of theological studies, and Dr. Michael Reeves on November 4, 2014. Following in the wake of controversies over the necessity of an historical Adam, the book provides scholarly and pastoral dialogue on the historicity of Adam and Eve and the doctrines of the Fall and original sin. 


“We wanted a book that would attempt to responsibly engage questions in one volume,” said Madueme. “The vision we had for the book wasn’t limited to the Fall, it was really about the doctrine of original sin.”


In exploring original sin, Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin divides its discussion into four major parts—Adam in the Bible and in science, original sin in history, original sin in theology, and common disputes about Adam and the Fall. The sections are filled with essays from theologians, scientists, and academics from varying Christian traditions.


“The four sections ultimately point to the continuing vitality of the doctrine,” said Madueme. 


In addition to editing the volume, Madueme and Reeves co-authored a chapter on original sin in systematic theology, and Madueme authored a chapter titled, “The Most Vulnerable Part of the Whole Christian Account: Original Sin and Modern Science.” Madueme’s chapter describes the range of theological engagement with scientific challenges to original sin, and proposes a way to constructively think about scientific challenges to the doctrine.


While thoroughly academic, Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin is an accessible delineation of many of the questions and challenges raised against the doctrine of original sin. Pastors, students, professors, and church members will find themselves able to navigate the thoughtful essays contained in the volume.