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LifeKit: Housing

The four-part LifeKit series launched its first event of the year on November 5, 2013. Designed to provide seniors with the tools needed to transition to life after graduation, LifeKit tackles the many challenges new graduates face including finding housing, building community, managing finances, and more. The Center for Calling & Career offers the LifeKit events to students in partnership with Student Development, the Alumni Office, and the senior class president.

The LifeKit kickoff dinner focused on real estate, rental agreements, and ideas to consider when looking for housing. Students and alumni enjoyed tacos from Taco Mamacita and discussed life after graduation.

The keynote address was delivered by real estate agent Jim Lea ’02 and two members of his real estate team. The team presented the technical details of buying a home, renting, building credit, and making housing decisions.

"The LifeKit event was really helpful. Jim Lea explained things like equity, liabilities, assets, and credit in a way that was easy to understand,” said Tabitha Hindman ’14. “Hearing from Dr. Weichbrodt and her husband made housing decisions seem a lot less intimidating.”


Dr. Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt ’04 and her husband, Noel ’04, shared personal stories of the places they have lived in, loved, and shared with friends and family. Their stories offered insight into the intangible aspects of finding housing after college. They shared the importance of determining what you or your family find important and what priorities will govern your decisions as you look for a home.


“LifeKit is intended to help seniors meet alumni and begin imagining themselves as alumni,” said Anthony Tucker ’99, director of the Center for Calling & Career.  “Experiencing Covenant College is a great gift, and we want students to leave equipped to tackle the practical issues they will encounter once they are living on their own, working or studying in graduate programs, members of new churches, and neighbors to others. We hope these events give them practical tools, but we really hope they gain confidence to boldly pursue God’s next call.”