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Students Compete at Computer Science Conference

computer scienceCovenant’s first computer programming team competed at the southeastern conference of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges at Southern Polytechnic State University on November 3, 2012. Out of 29 teams, Covenant placed fifth.


Coached by Dr. Jeff Humphries, associate professor of computer science, the team consisted of Andrew Bikle ’13, Chris Lenk ’14, Zach Smith ’14, and Sam Reid ’15.


Competing teams were given a series of problems, and were required to write programs that would solve those problems. “I was excited for the opportunity to test my programming skills and meet computer science students from other schools in the region,” says Chris.   


The competition presented a rare opportunity for students to measure their computer science education against what is being taught at other schools. During practice rounds at the conference, Zach noticed his team was able to finish problems much more quickly than many from other colleges. “I was wondering to myself: was it really that hard? Or were we really just that prepared for it?” says Zach.


“It was definitely encouraging,” agrees Sam, “and it helped us to be confident going into the competition the next day.”


“I'm probably biased as the coach but the students were phenomenal,” says Dr. Humphries, who joined Covenant’s faculty this year. “I was very impressed by their problem solving and programming skills, which is also a testament to the major that Dr. John Hunt has been running solo for many years.”


Dr. Humphries expects to field a team of student programmers again next year.