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Theatre Department Presents Man of La Mancha

Man of La Mancha


The Covenant College Department of Theatre presents Man of La Mancha, the beloved musical retelling of the classic Don Quixote, November 9-18, 2017.


This is the first musical presented by the College in several years. “It was time to start doing musicals again, if for no other reason than to give some incredibly talented students a chance to do a musical before they graduate,” said director Claire Slavovsky.


A loose adaptation of the well-known Spanish novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, the musical employs a play within a play where the prisoner Cervantes must defend himself from his fellow inmates while awaiting the Spanish Inquisition. Cervantes tells the story of Alonso Quijana, who has gone mad, “laying down the melancholy burden of sanity.” Quijana transforms himself into the knight Don Quixote and goes on misadventures with his trusty servant Sancho Panza. However misbegotten his plans are, Don Quixote seems to engage the hearts and fancies of those around him in his well-meant delusions, including the beaten down Aldonza, whom he mistakenly adores as the lady, Dulcinea. Through Cervantes’ obstinate desire to see beauty and wonder in the mundane and rotten, Don Quixote raises the questions of whether it is madness to “seek treasure where there is only trash” and if “too much sanity may be madness.”


Seniors William Darby and Sammie Brown begin their final years of performing on the Covenant stage as Don Quixote and Aldonza, respectively. They are joined by freshman Jack Edling as Sancho Panza, junior Eddie Sunder as the Governor/Innkeeper, returning alumnus Matthew Mindeman as the Duke/Dr. Carrasco, and a full cast of other talented students.


Man of La Mancha, written by Dale Wasserman, music by Mitch Leigh, lyrics by Joe Darion, original production staged by Albert Marre, originally produced by Albert W. Selden and Hal James, plays in Covenant College’s Sanderson Auditorium November 9-11 and 17 at 8:00 p.m. as well as November 18 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for seniors, students, and employees. To reserve tickets or ask any questions, contact the box office at 706.419.1051 or


Please note that this show does contain brief depictions of violence against women and may not be suitable for all audiences.