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Student and Professor Present Research to Southeastern Section of American Physical Society

Faculty-Student Research

In October, 2010, physics major David Myers '12 and Prof. Phillip Broussard each presented research at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society (SESAPS). David was the first student to present physics research done at Covenant.


"The SESAPS conference is designed to give undergraduates the chance to see physics research and presentations in a lower stressed environment," says Prof. Broussard. "The larger American Physical Society meeting has well over 1000 attendees and is quite overwhelming to first timers. At the southeastern section, they can hear presentations and discuss their work in a more comfortable environment."


David presented the "Study of Effects of Scratch and Shadow Defects on Superconducting Niobium Thin films" by David Myers and Phillip Broussard. Prof. Broussard spoke on "Inductive Critical Currents in Mo/Nb layered structures" by Phillip Broussard, David Myers, and James Veldhorst.


Prof. Broussard says the conference allows students like David to hear more about the world of physics research and to develop their presentation skills. "For me, it allows me the chance to discuss Covenant's efforts in physics, and for the school, it gives exposure to who we are."


"I had the opportunity to talk with people at many different levels, from other undergraduate students to physics professors," says David of the conference. "It taught me a lot about ‘talking physics.' It gave me further insight into the field, and confidence that this sort of work is what I want to continue to focus on now and in the future."