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LifeKit: Building Community

LifeKit: Building CommunityThe four-part LifeKit series continued on November 21, 2013, with an evening dedicated to the challenges of developing and fostering community after graduation. LifeKit events are the result of a joint effort between Covenant’s senior class, Student Development, the Alumni Office, and the Center for Calling & Career.

Anthony Tucker ’99, director of the Center for Calling & Career, introduced the night by highlighting the unique community life students experience at Covenant. He invited students to reflect on how they can steward their current community well, while also preparing for what comes next.

Local alumnus Calvin Garriott ’09 shared part of his post-graduation story. Although Calvin got a job immediately after graduating, the position required him to relocate to Orlando, FL. He realized a few months after settling into his new job that he had lost all community. Having put his career above community, he found himself entirely unsatisfied. Not long after, Garriott relocated back to Chattanooga, TN, where he knew he had a solid community of friends.

“I realized that community is so important,” said Garriott. “It has to be a non-negotiable when choosing a career.”

While for Garriott, community meant staying in the Chattanooga area, alumnus and resident director Adam Porcella ’07 shared advice for finding a church community in any city students may land. Porcella encouraged students to find a church that believes in the inerrancy and authority of scripture, and where there are opportunities to serve.

“Finding a Christian community is incredibly important,” said Porcella. “The Church is one of the most profound means of grace at our disposal.”

The final session of the evening included roundtable discussions between local alumni and students. Alumni shared highs and lows of life after graduation, described what they wish they had done differently, and discussed how engagement with their local churches influenced their community life.  

The final LifeKit events will take place in the Spring of 2014 and will focus on professionalism in the workplace and personal finance and budgeting.