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New Digital Art Lab Open

The beginning of the 2008-2009 academic year saw the opening of a new digital art lab at Covenant College. Furnished with ten Macintosh computers specifically designed for digital art, this lab is one part of a recent expansion of the art program. Also new this year are a design room and photography lab in Jackson Hall and an art gallery in Kresge Memorial Library.


Made possible in part by a generous donation from the Presbyterian Church in America's Women in the Church (WIC) organization, the digital art lab was designed by Mr. Jeff Morton, professor of art, along with adjunct art professor Ken McElrath.


"It was the vision from the time we started this art major to have a digital lab," said Prof. Morton. The College's first Communication Design course was held in the lab this fall. "We live in a visual culture, we are surrounded by imagery, and we need to learn how to read and understand images. The lab and content taught in the class will help our students create this visual literacy."


Student Anne Musick '10 agrees: "This design class has given me a new perspective, not only on design but on my life as a whole and how so much of our lives involve different types of design. . . . Certain colors and lines affect us, and our minds relate them to different things. This class helps us to become more aware of those things."


Profs. Morton and McElrath have high hopes for the possibilities the digital art lab brings. "It's an opportunity for our students to work with new tools in a new medium," says Morton. "Like in all of our studio courses, we want our students to surprise us with their work and to do things we can't imagine."


The lab is far more than a technological advancement; it provides new opportunities for creativity in every area of life. "Creativity should be a natural consequence of our salvation and sanctification," says Prof. McElrath. "My hope is that digital tools will help the entire Covenant community realize new potentialities as creative image-bearers of God."