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A Christmas Greeting from Bethany Doster ’13

Bethany DosterIt’s Christmastime once again—a time when God’s faithfulness to His people is celebrated around the world. Through my journey as a Scot, God’s faithfulness has preceded every step I’ve taken.

I’m a senior English major from Morganton, NC. My family’s financial resources are limited, so the plan had always been to complete two years at a community college, and then finish at a state school in North Carolina.  My long-time best friend was already planning on attending Covenant, and God used her voice to push and prod me to at least consider calling for more information. One night, I caved. I applied to Covenant and was accepted as an incoming junior in January of 2011. But still, there was that matter of how I would ever pay for it. 

In the face of my doubts and fears, God has continued to do what my dad told me He would.  God has provided through scholarships made possible by generous donors and through a work-study job. At the end of every semester, there was always an amount owed that I prayed would disappear.  I would begin to prepare inwardly for the prospect of not being able to return to Covenant. Those times of doubt were inevitably turned into times of remembrance of His never-ending faithfulness, through the generosity of others.  Countless times, God has made a way through generous friends of Covenant.  I am sure I don’t know half of the blessings God has bestowed on me, but I’ve learned that the ways of the Lord are good and He delights in using others to do His will. 

When I made the decision to come to Covenant, I had no idea how much this place would impact me. The rigor of the academics here calls me to a higher standard and pushes me to take ownership of my education.  At my former school, the community was primarily interested in being successful and making your place in the world. At Covenant, making a place in the world looks incredibly different. Whether you are doing something extremely noteworthy or less in the limelight, everything has meaning and purpose. Having a passion for writing, especially creative writing, Covenant has impressed on me that we are image bearers of Christ and what I write has the ability to impact the culture for Christ. Once I graduate, whether I become a teacher, editor, journalist, or author, Covenant has given me a foundation rooted in a biblical perspective and has skillfully prepared me for any career path I choose. 

I’m beyond thankful to those who give to Covenant College because they are being used directly by God to carry out His purposes.  Each Covenant student has a unique story like mine that includes faithful givers who make it possible to be a part of the powerful mission of Covenant College. After graduating this month with a bachelor’s degree in English, I am looking forward to becoming a faithful donor to Covenant.  As we end this year, please consider giving to Covenant College and praying for the work God is doing here.

Merry Christmas,

Bethany Doster ’13