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Prof. Broussard & Student Collaborate on Physics Research

Amy Davis '17


This fall, Dr. Phillip Broussard, professor of physics, and physics major Amy Davis ’17 presented their collaborative physics research at the 81st annual meeting of the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society, held in Columbia, SC, on November 12-15, 2014. 


Broussard and Davis gave presentations in culmination of the research they had conducted in the summer of 2014. Their work during the summer continued Broussard’s long-term research project by studying superconductivity through thin-film experimentation. Since graduate school, Broussard has worked on the area of electricity dealing with superconductivity, and for the past several years he has engaged current physics undergraduate students in research during summers.


“This summer was the first time that I had a job where I would still do it if I were not getting paid,” said Davis.


During the conference, Broussard and Davis enjoyed a variety of invited talks, contributed talks, and poster sessions.


“The nice thing about this conference is that it gives undergraduates a real chance to participate, to see a wide variety of physics, and to talk to people who they wouldn’t get a chance to talk to otherwise,” said Broussard. 


Broussard presented a talk entitled "Parallel Critical Fields & Inductive Critical Currents in Nb/Cr Bilayers” at the conference, and Davis presented a poster on “Superconducting Properties of Nb/Cr Bilayers.”


“I’m getting used to the scientific community,” said Davis. “I still love science, and I know that better now having done it in the summer.”