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New Debate Society Begins at Covenant

A new Debate Society has begun at Covenant College, and its members will begin traveling and competing with other schools in the spring of 2009.


Debate Society members have met regularly during the fall semester to begin honing their debate skills. They plan to compete in National Forensics Association competitions in the spring semester, debating topics such as international relations and national security.


"We hope the club will serve the students involved as they develop debate skills which could serve them in and out of the classroom, as well as after their time at Covenant," said Dean of Students Brad Voyles.


Student Blake Bozarth, president of the club, was instrumental in its founding. "I had for some time desired that Covenant offer some sort of forensics program," said Bozarth, "especially after spending enough time at the College to realize the plethora of talented potential debaters in our student body. . . . I think the Debate Society will be a big asset to the College in a number of ways."