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Philosophy Club Launches Online Undergraduate Journal

The student-run philosophy club at Covenant College released the first issue of an online, undergraduate philosophy journal, Mountaintop Thoughts, this fall.


The peer-reviewed journal aims to promote rigorous academic dialogue among undergraduate students. Edited by James Baird ’15, the journal released its first issue containing two papers: “Forgiveness & Retribution: Politic Matters” and “What is Warrant?: In Defense of a Causal Account.”


Undergraduate students and alumni are encouraged to submit papers to Mountaintop Thoughts to be considered for publication. In addition to Baird’s editorial supervision, the journal is managed by three additional editors and five associate editors, all undergraduates at Covenant.


“What we really want to do is provide an outlet for students to publish high-quality research papers in philosophy,” said Baird. “At the same time, we’re allowing other students to provide constructive comments for the authors to consider.”


Mountaintop Thoughts is overseen by a board of advisors comprised of alumni and current faculty members. The board includes Covenant Profs. Bill Davis ’82 and John Wingard, Dr. Hans Halvorson ’95, Dr. Atria Larson ’03, Dr. Paul Moser ’78, and Dr. Matthew Novenson ’01.