2010-2011 President's Report

Donors to the Covenant Fund

Gifts to the Covenant Fund (the annual fund) bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of attending Covenant. Covenant Fund gifts go toward such vital areas as scholarships, academic and co-curricular programs, and faculty salaries. The Covenant Fund is one of the three primary strategic priorities of the BUILD campaign.

The recognizes those persons who have made gifts to Covenant College for five or more consecutive years.

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Jessie Abbot

Peri Abeln ('09)

William ('69) and Martha (Westover '71) Acker

Andrew Adam

Mike and Amanda (Whitehead '05) Afdahl

Brian ('86) and Sandra (Jones '86) Alexander

David and Elaine Alexander

David Alexander ('84)

Greg ('87) and Rachel Alexander

Kevin Alexander ('93)

William ('09) and Roseann Alexander

Angela Allen ('87)

Blair ('90) and Melinda (Cox '90) Allen

Jennifer Allen

Patrick and Mary Allen

Scott and Becky Allen

William and Susan Almy

Alan Altschuler

Alexander ('11) and Jessica (Weston '11) Anderson

Charles and Floss Anderson

Gregory ('00) and Amanda Anderson

Timothy and Kelleigh (Hunter '92) Anderson

Mark and Teri Anderson

Peter and Connie Anderson

Scott ('00) and Ashley (Archambo '03) Anderson

Wallace ('71) and Paige Anderson

J. and Holly (McMurtry '01) Andrews

John Anthony ('80)

Martin and Cathleen Armato

Emsley ('79) and Lynda Armfield

Thomas and Lois Armour

Bryan ('97) and Courtney

Robert and Julia Ashlock

Sherri Aslakson ('75)

Meredith Atwood

Eileen Auel ('74)

Bradley ('81) and Cathryn Auffarth

Mark ('82) and Anne (Thaws '83) Auffarth

Ruth Auffarth

Dale Aunspach

Ted and Frances Aven

Anna Bacheldor ('11)

Matthew Baddorf ('10)

Gregory and Amy (Huffine '97) Bagby

Christopher ('08) and Bethany (Coleman '11) Bailey

W. Troy and Jennifer (Morris '94) Baker

Allen ('76) and Colleen (Wade '76) Baldwin

Robert ('69) and Edith (Costello '69) Ballagh

Zein Baluch ('10)

Robert and Ruth Banker

John ('93) and Beth Barber

Courtenay Barclay ('11)

Betty Barham

John and Jean Barker

Julia Barker

William and Gail (Kern '58) Barker

Janet (Reed) Barney ('68)

David Barr ('10)

Gene and Nancy Barr

Joshua Barrett ('10)

Steven and Jo (Meiners '74)

Larry ('70) and Diane Barton

Caroline M. Bartusch

John ('03) and Melissa (Munz '02) Batusic

Lester and Loretta Baum

Emmett ('80) and Anne (Soltau '80) Baxendell

Richard and Jane Baxter

Stephen and Tacy (Williams '06) Beck

Paul and Deborah Beckett

Nathan ('06) and Elizabeth (Martin '09) Beers

Frederick and Linda Behm

T. March ('78) and Mariam (McKowen '78) Bell

Emily Belz ('08)

Timothy ('72) and Sharon (Barr '72) Belz

John ('07) and Lindsey (Fulmer '07) Benda

Bruce and Beth (Blomquist '74) Bendler

Diane (Dempsey) Bennett ('82)

Lara Berger ('11)

Theodore and Janice Berkompas

Annie Besancon ('11)

Russell and Laurie (Sullivan '94) Bevan

Richard ('65) and Terry Billstein

Lawrence ('65) and Roberta (Morris '66) Birchler

Timothy ('98) and Becky Black

Virginia Blair ('76)

Cal ('72) and Susan Boroughs

Terry and Pamela Bosgra

James ('88) and Donna (Bowling '88) Bowen

Michael Bowser ('11)

Stephen Bozarth ('10)

Christopher ('97) and Sally

Ronald and Martha Brady

Ann Brainerd ('02)

Jennifer Brandon ('06)

Denise Brassell ('09)

Lauren Braun ('09)

Jeff ('86) and Jennifer Brex

Mark and Sandi Brink

Thomas and Sally (Kay '76) Brinkerhoff

Elizabeth Brown ('04)

Jason and Gretchen (Caines '95) Brown

Homer ('70) and Judy Brown

Mark ('90) and Leanne Brown

Matthew Brown ('09)

Ronald and Susan Brown

Thomas ('93) and Sarah (Wells '94) Brown

Jonathan and Jeannette (Shafer '78) Brownson

Matthew ('00) and Jocelyn (Davis '00) Bryant

Thomas Bryant ('78)

Robert and Elizabeth (Moore '78) Buck

Benjamin Burge ('11)

Kimzy and Barbara (Bryant '77) Burgess

Helen Burkins

William Burton

John and LaVon Buswell

Sheryce Butkowski ('10)

Linda Byerly

Xavier ('99) and Kara Cabezas

Robert and Sherry Caldwell

David Campbell ('11)

Christina Canche ('10)

Robert ('77) and Kathleen Cappel

Daniel and Carolyn Caprio

Marylu Carl ('89)

Brian ('00) and Scharlie (Frame '00) Carlisle

James and Kay (Hoover '86) Carlton

John ('88) and Cindi Caroland

Sean ('90) and Tammy ( '96) Carrick

Charles and Donna Carter

Rev. and Mrs. Anthony Casoria

Caroline Casselberry

Katherine Casselberry ('10)

Rebecca Chambers ('10)

Betty Chamblee

Ellis Chaplin ('04)

Mary Chaplin ('08)

Thomas ('87) and Michael Ann (Hollyfield '87) Chapman

Kenneth ('76) and Joan Chartrand

Andrew Chase ('10)

Qingyun Chen ('11)

Alfred and Betsy Chestnut

Richard and Shirley Chewning

Antonio and Teresa Chiareli

Ryan ('06) and Heather (Richardson '07) Chico

Robyn Chinaka ('04)

J. Howard ('63) and Earlene (Stewart '66) Christ

David and Autumn (Fredericks '01) Christensen

Nancy (Horn '75) Cirelli

Christopher ('96) and Carol Clark

Chris and Elizabeth (Johnson '94) Clem

Wes and Lynn ('78) Cline

Jeffrey ('85) and Leslie (Baum '85) Clinton

Ransom Cobler ('11)

Wilhelmus ('04) and Libby Codington

Christine Coffee

Carey and Mary Cole

Frank ('67) and Virginia (Wrye '65) Cole

Scott ('97) and Carol Collier

Dean Collins ('68)

Kimberly Collins ('99)

Hugh and Roberta (Birchler '67) Collison

James ('62) and Evelyn (Moore '68) Conrad

John and Robin Conrad

Steven and Juanita (Ayres '92) Cooper

Jonathan ('76) and Mary Cordes

Stephen ('92) and Julie (Ramige '92) Cordes

William and Pauline Cordes

Janneke Counts ('98)

Samuel and Aleta Cox

James ('62) and Mary Cox

Bryce and Melissa Craig

Frank ('63) and Sharon (Preston '63) Crane

Sarah Creech ('07)

Keith and Beth (Henry '74) Criss

Phyllis Crooks ('63)

Earl ('86) and Selah (Miller '85) Cross

Jeffrey ('94) and Heather (Whisnant '94) Cross

James ('08) and Shawna (Spano '08) Cunningham

Thomas and Karen Curtis

Dale ('70) and Jeanne (Morris '61) Cutler

Joanita Cutten ('57)


Philip Daane ('74)

Lance Dager

Karin Dahl ('11)

Richard and Cathryn Dahlberg

Logan Dahms ('11)

John and Patricia Dale

Raymond and Dorothy (Eyre '64) Dameron

Elizabeth Danielson ('04)

Christy Danner ('05)

David Darden

David Dare ('81)

Stephen ('96) and Lesley (Monroe '97) Davenport

Gregory ('93) and Sara (Huffine '96) Davick

Gregory Davidson ('11)

Chad and Kim Davis

Craig ('87) and Robyn Davis

Jane Davis

Jonathan ('00) and Joya (Fortson '02) Davis

Luke ('92) and Christy Davis

Robert and Kimberly Davis

Spencer ('70) and Marla Davis

Timothy Davis ('08)

William ('82) and Lynda (Ellis '84) Davis

Craig Davoulas ('72)

Jennifer De Jong ('06)

Kevin De Jong ('10)

Roger and Marilyn DeMaster

Paul and Donna (Malkus '76) DeRoo

William and Clare Deaver

David and Joanita (Robinson '88) Deen

Donald and Sheron Deibert

William and Patricia Dennison

Hans and Gretchen Deutschmann

John ('78) and Jenny Dickinson

Ludivene Dilbert

Sherry Dixon ('90)

Roberta (Stigers '68) Donaldson

Sarah Donaldson ('98)

Evan Donovan ('06)

Don and Barbara Drew

E. Allen ('58) and Sharon Duble

Greg and Debbie Duble

Troy ('93) and Sarah (Howlett '97) Duble

Laura Dubose ('88)

Jan Frederic ('76) and Katie Dudt

Bobby ('09) and Laura (Leavengood '04) Dueitt

John and Kay (Gibson '64) Dunlap

Jonathan ('01) and Carey (Kisling '03) Dupree

Debbi (Scott) Dutton ('92)

William Dyer ('11)

Gregg ('88) and Martha (Gilchrist '85) Easterbrook

Ralph ('68) and Cheryl Eberwein

Maxy Edamala ('95)

David and Patricia Edling

Lance ('93) and Heather Edling

Robert ('62) and Judith Edmiston

Benjamin and Catherine Edwards

Richard and Cindy Edwards

Christine Ellingsworth ('95)

Kimberly Elliott ('00)

Daniel ('93) and Christine (Alexander '93) Ellis

John Ellis

Dick and Nancy (Maynard '63)

William Ellison ('70)

Bonny Elwell ('08)

Christopher Elwood ('10)

H. Paul ('65) and Susan Emerson

Jeffrey and Marilyn Enas

Richard ('89) and Pamela (Sokody '90) Engle

Robert English

David and Konnie Erickson

Marc ('92) and Greta (Reiter '91) Erickson

David and Patricia Errick

Will and Debbie (Up De Graff '93) Ertel

Brian and Kimberly (Stringfield '83) Erwood

James ('88) and Teresa Evans

Tad ('98) and Wendy ( '05) Evearitt

Peter and Evelyn Evelyn

Randy Everhart ('76)

Bethany Faraone ('11)

Jeffrey ('81) and Ellen Faris

George ('72) and Sheryl (Cross '72) Farquhar

William ('72) and Dorothy (Henry '75) Farr

Brent ('94) and Ana Faulk

Luke Ferguson ('11)

Susan (Villwock) Ferlianto ('05)

Constance and John Fessler

Alyssa Fikse ('11)

Michael ('86) and Rebecca Fingerle

Bruce ('60) and Judith (Kesselring '61) Fiol

Norman and Janet Fish

Christiana Fitzpatrick

Charles and Paula (Dwinell '71) Fitzpatrick

William ('73) and Susan Floyd

Clifford and Julie Foreman

John and Lorraine Forman

John and Barbara Forshner

William ('72) and Judy (Lyon '71) Foster

Doug and Hannah (Zeller '06) Fourtner

Frederick and Suzanne Fowler

Kevin and Emma (Marshall '05) Fox

Philip ('79) and Anda Foxwell

Beverly Frame ('08)

Robert and Lisa (Schumpert '85) Franklin

Richard and Beth Franks

Tim and Bonnie (McDougall '86) Frens

William and M. Faye ('92) Fron

Philip and Liisabeth (Mentgen '75) Futoran

Timothy Futoran ('07)


David ('06) and Christine (MacDougall '07) Gambrell

Linda (Gamst) Gamst-Groves ('87)

Kuldip and Judy Gangar

Mary Garner Gardenhire

Warren and Conni Gardner

Arthur and Janice Garey

Haley Garis ('11)

Kenneth ('74) and Sherry Garner

Shelly Garner

Calvin Garriott ('09)

Katie Garriott ('03)

Philip Gelston ('98)

Stephen and Sara (Akin '01) Gentry

Timothy and Rachel (Gleason '00) George

Seth George ('92)

Derrick and Sarah (Fluegge '99) Geringer

Heather German ('08)

Jennifer German ('06)

Steven ('94) and Jenny (Belz '92) Gienapp

Walter ('64) and Carole (Deprine '67) Gienapp

Tom and Barby Gifford

Stephen ('80) and Terryce Gilchrist

Josh and Jody (Barrett '97) Giuntoli

Jennifer Gladwin ('94)

Archie and Rachel (White '90) Gleason

Mary Grace Godfrey ('03)

James ('68) and Kathleen (Hanes '69) Goebel

Joshua ('98) and Rebecca Good

Ian ('99) and Leda (Camak '90) Goodman

Peter and Annah (Brackin '06) Goodnight

Christina Gorab ('08)

Thomas ('76) and Robin (Beers '76) Gorab

Charles and Deloris (Sneller '59) Gosling

Richard and Marilyn Gould

Laura Grady ('08)

John ('81) and Tamara (Riley '81) Graham

William ('82) and Vittoria (Donato '82) Grant

Rick and Wendy (Cullen '90) Gray

Paul ('69) and Barbara (Alston '72) Green

Putnam Green

Troy and Heather (Rantal '02) Greene

Mickey and Linda ('81) Gregg

Philip ('90) and Rebecca (Thompson '90) Greninger

David ('78) and Deanna (Lindauere '78) Grier

Cory Jay and Lael (Galardi '06) Griess

Linda Griffin

Jefferson Griffis ('09)

Donna Griffith ('77)

Mark Griggs

Pem and Maureen Guerry

Samuel and Lindsey (Rahm '06) Gutierrez

Nathaniel ('05) and Alicia (Skrivan '05) Gutierrez

Thomas and Kathy Haass

Dorcas (Gebb) Hall ('63)

Charles and Elizabeth (Robeson '99) Hall

Meredith Hall ('09)

David ('01) and Philana (Martinez '02) Hancock

Katherine Hanna ('11)

Stephen and Susan (DePrine '80) Hansen

C. and Sherril (Blair '63) Harrill

Jon and Heather (Caines '95)

Marian M. Harris

Kevin Hartzell ('11)

Lauren Hartzell ('10)

Sarah Barrett Hartzell

Nancy Harvey ('81)

Jordan Harwood ('11)

Reeves and Shirley (Dickson '72) Hawks

Robert and Elizabeth Hayes

David ('90) and Heather Hearne

Dwight and Susan (Sharpe '72) Hedge

John ('84) and Carrie Hendrickson

William and Elaine Herd

Jonathan ('01) and Robin

Samuel ('99) and Laura Hettinger

Paul Heubach ('75)

Audrey Hickish

L. Kim ('70) and Diane (Cross '72) Hight

Peter ('77) and Cheryl (Van Stelle '77) Hill

Karen Himes ('70)

Joshua ('00) and Brenda Hinman

Tricia Hitchcock ('92)

David ('76) and Barbara Hoffman

Laurel Hoffman ('11)

Gene and Donna Holden

Jaclyn (Ryder) Holder ('03)

William ('80) and Loralee (Hight '80) Holiman

William ('95) and Doris Holland

John and Melinda Hollback

Mark ('75) and Ginger (Ellis '76) Holler

Tasha Holliday ('06)

Thomas Holliday ('87)

Corrie Holton ('08)

Thomas and Charlotte (Heerdt '79) Homan

William ('96) and Kimberly Honeycutt

David and Chris Hooper

G. Richard and Susanne Hostetter

Caleb Howard ('11)

Mark ('87) and Lesli Howell

Jonathan Hubbard ('03)

Jack and Ginner Hudson

Gregory and Christianne Huffman

David and Kristine (Hamm '80) Humber

Bradley ('95) and Christine (Nickisch '94) Hummel

Chester ('03) and Erin (Aucker '06) Hutchinson

Carla Huxtable ('07)

George and Susan Ibach

Robert and Jennifer (Brown '04) Ilderton

Jonathan ('07) and Erin (McNerney '07) Ingraham

Kenneth (76) and Kathy Ingraham

Robert ('65) and Marie Ingraham

Mike and Linda Ireland

John and Virginia (Christ '68) Irwin

John ('79) and Marie Isaac


Arthur ('77) and Laura Jackson

Heather (Johnson) Jackson ('05)

Jonathan ('00) and Rebecca (Leutbecher '98) Jackson

Paul Jaeggi

Drew and Jane Jelgerhuis

Jessica Jelgerhuis ('08)

Deborah Jenkins

Joseph ('68) and Susan (Woods '68) Jenkins

Janna (Larson) Jensen ('03)

Daniel Johnson ('05)

Dennis and Jane Johnson

George ('72) and Janet (Boesl '74) Johnson

Justin Johnson ('03)

Lauren Johnson ('05)

Stephen Johnson ('11)

Emily Jones ('03)

Jeremy ('98) and Christina Jones

Odis and Lelia (Kendrick-Holmes '97) Jones

Miriam (Malkus '60) Jones

James and Stephanie (Marshall '95) Jones

Alan ('75) and Susan Joseph

James and Linda (Freeze '84)

William ('83) and Terri Kaufman

Joseph Kaufmann ('97)

Joseph and Nancy (Cooke '71) Keegan

Calvin Keller ('84)

Deborah (Wing) Kelly ('77)

Michael and Diane (Dockery '76) Kelly

James Kennedy

Scott ('94) and Pamela (Leavengood '95) Kennedy

Thomas ('69) and Arlene Kennedy

Glen and Anna (Greene '85) Ker

Robert and Jayne Kersey

James ('96) and Allison (Rump '96) Keuning

Joseph ('94) and Linnea (Leonard '94) Kickasola

Joseph and Myrenna Kickasola

Rachel (Watanabe) Kim ('04)

Kathryn Kimball ('09)

Kristina Kimball ('06)

Ted and Bunny King

Philip ('82) and Stephanie (Fuller '85) Kiratzis

William Kirkpatrick ('05)

Stephen and Nancy (Mussler '78) Kirschner

William and Elizabeth Kling

Kenneth and Doris Knipe

James ('01) and Jenny Knox

Dale and Nancy (Hull '72) Knutson

Matthew ('01) and Alina (Hansinger '01) Kodatt

Donald and Janet Korb

Brent and Kathy Kornman

Erin (Windrick) Kornu ('07)

Erik Kotanchik ('08)

Dennis and Deborah (Pattison '82) Kozlowski

Karl and Peggy Kraft

Alan and Deborah (Kellogg '73) Kropp

Amanda Krystaponis ('08)

Jeffrey ('06) and Mary (Stiegler '09) Kyle

Edith Lacy ('75)

Philip ('72) and Pamela (Queathem '71) Lancaster

Truman and Frances Lancaster

Edward and Barbara Lang

Rebekah Larson ('06)

Thomas ('77) and Marjory (MacNair '80) Larson

John ('90) and Amy (Curnow '89) Lattner

Thomas ('76) and Tamara (Schaeffer '78) Lawton

Ken and Sabrina LeBeau

James ('02) and Monique (Good '01) Lea

Andrew Lee ('09)

Josiah Lee ('06)

Jason and Sarah Lehn

Terry and Susan (Shelley '70) Lemley

Stephen and Glenda Leonard

Jonathan ('89) and Angela Libby

Rex ('71) and Jean (Harrison '71) Lieffers

Gary ('72) and Patricia (Sussman '73) Lindley

Kenneth and Lois Lindley

Matthew ('97) and Maggie Lindley

Winston and Merlyn Lindley

John and Kathy Linn

William ('88) and Tracy (Swenson '89) Lloyd

Matthew ('82) and Elysa (Partain '82) Lochstampfor

David and Andrea (Midgett '78) Lodge

Joseph ('97) and Michelle (Reinink '93) Logterman

Donald and Karen (Jones '77) Long

Mildred Love

Nathan and Hosanna (Tamminga '01) Lovegren

Mark Lovrien ('05)

Luisa Lowry ('11)

Caleb ('94) and Krista (Gerow '96) Ludwick

Roman and Katherine (Cox '87) Lupinek

Ashleigh Luther ('06)

C. Al and Julie (Belz '61) Lutz

William Lutz ('11)

Russell ('93) and Paula (Westenburg '91) Lynch

Sean ('93) and Aimee (Conrad '94) Lynch

Mrs. Craig Lyon


Josh and Mary (Hamby '02) MacDiarmid

Paul ('81) and Patricia (Masur '79) MacGregor

Rebecca MacGregor

Scott ('81) and Gail MacNaughton

Jane Macgregor

Christopher and Susan Maclellan

Thomas ('61) and Adele Maher

Matthew Mahla

Timothy Mahla ('07)

Walt and Carol Mahla

William ('69) and Mary (Moore '71) Mahlow

Laura Main ('11)

Christian Man ('09)

James Manget ('09)

James and Rachel Manget

John and Robin (McColley '87) Mantooth

George and Laura Manzo

Chris and Rebekah (Forman '04) Marr

Grace (Wallis) Marsh ('69)

Calvin ('05) and Rochelle (Taylor '05) Marshall

Carolyn Martin

Robert ('05) and Bethany (White '04) Martin

Craig and Frances Martindale

Kevin ('91) and Stacey Masrud

Ray and Edna Massengale

Terry Massey ('83)

Jeff ('82) and Deborah Massot

Joshua ('06) and Corinne (Chapell '08) Mather

Neill S. Matthews

Jason and Karin (Krey '07) Maucere

Allen and Margaret (Riethmiller '68) Mawhinney

Nevin ('93) and Heather (Orwig '96) Mawhinney

Rodney ('73) and Debra Mays

Tommy and Laura McBride

Laura McCain ('04)

Hugh and Martha McCampbell

Sean and Corrie (Rantal '00) McClure

John and Maria McDonald

Paul and Kathryn (Akin '98) McElvy

William and Carol McFadden

Kirk and Pamela McFall

Frederick ('71) and Celeste (Sanchez '71) McFarland

James and Elizabeth McGarvey

John ('92) and Sherry McGee

Lawrence and Marcia (Mainland '62) McHargue

Jane McKenny ('68)

Kent ('85) and Karen (Fiol '84) McKerihan

Wendell ('84) and Janice (Brewer '85) McKinney

Paul and Robin McLain

Barry and Carolyn (Cook '92) McLaurin

Jeninne McNeill ('04)

Ronald ('90) and Lois McNutt

Brian ('76) and Elisabeth (Strom '76) McRae

Donna McRae ('09)

Kenneth ('81) and Martha (Smids '77) Medsker

Shirley Meffert

William ('78) and Colleen Meffert

Larry and Nancy (Elliott '73)

John and Nancy ('78) Melhorn

Jared ('10) and Audrey ( '10) Menard

Christine Metzger ('96)

Ross Meyer ('10)

Eric and Susan ('85) Meyer

John ('87) and Barbara Michal

Norman and Pauline Miller

Rodney and Harriet Miller

Chauncey Millette ('02)

Mary Miner ('98)

Larry and Gail Mininger

Jason ('04) and Katherine (Ladny '08) Mitchell

Henry and Julia Monroe

Robert and Patricia Monroe

Anne Moody ('80)

Joseph ('05) and Darcee (Pribyl '08) Moon

Joshua ('01) and Bryonie (Rayburn '01) Moon

Brian and Rebecca (Fishel '90) Mooney

Jerry ('71) and Linda (Mossbarger '71) Moore

Julie Moore ('01)

Martin and Susan Moore

Wayne and Millie Moore

Paul ('64) and Linda Moore

Robert ('69) and Susan (Vogt '70) Moore

Erin Moran ('04)

Michael and Nancy (Metzger '80) Moriarty

Steve and Beth (Roseveare '84) Morris

Timothy ('83) and Lisa Morris

Charles and Susan Morrison

Paul ('83) and Rebecca (Christ '93) Morton

Chelsea Moser ('11)

David and Robin (Stroop '83) Moyar

Kelsey Mucci ('11)

Tracy (Rollo) Murchison ('96)

Daniel and April (Mininger '04) Murphree

Stephen and Mary (Finch '82) Murphy

Anne Musick ('10)

Gregory ('85) and Beatrice (Pafias '87) Musto

William Nation ('08)

Paul ('03) and Beth (Anderson '03) Nedelisky

Brenda Nelson ('11)

James ('04) and Megan Nelson

Benjamin Neuhoff ('95)

Paul ('80) and Cindy Neuhoff

Nathan Newman ('10)

Mike and Alice Nicholson

David Nielson ('10)

Gregory and Wanda Noble

Ruth Noe

Michael and Rachel (Camp '06) Novak

Jose ('07) and Sarah (Hall '07) Ocando

Claude and Earllyn Oglesby

Sloan and Heather ('95) Oliver

Yvrose Olivier

Karin Olson ('11)

Robert and Priscilla (Johnson '73) Olson

Mark and Naomi (Raines '97) Oosting

Keith Ormsby

Fred Orne ('67)

Steven ('87) and Margaret (Sargent '88) Orren

Ryan and Rachel (Wohlers '08) Ostrye

Steven and Minna (Pesnell '81) Overman

Sarah Owens ('11)


Jennifer Paffenroth ('11)

Robert and Mari Paffenroth

Dennis and Montague Painter

Robert and Rebecca (Brewer '94) Painter

Benjamin and Betsy Pangle

Matthew Pannkuk ('07)

Nicholas Pappas ('05)

Craig and Carolyn (Wieldraayer '70) Parker

John ('78) and Phyllis Parrish

Karl and Karen Pasch

Fred Patterson

James and Betty Patterson

Daniel ('94) and Candida (Henning '93) Pattison

Joseph H. Pattison

Ashley and Amy Paulk

Pat and Linda Pearce

Leon and Elizabeth Peele

Bethany Pelts ('11)

Tucker ('84) and Rebecca (Emmons '82) Pennington

Samuel ('64) and Judy (Payne '65) Pennington

Andy and Charity (Throener '00) Pennock

Larry and Ellen Perry

Ryan ('04) and Jenny (Tures '07) Petersen

David ('94) and Sara (Henry '95) Peterson

Robert Peterson

Linnea (Rayburn) Pett ('66)

Michael ('86) and Tammie (Pols '85) Pettit

Ward and Nancy Petty

Fred and Natalie (Liesman '94) Phelps

John and Janie ('04) Pickett

Bryan ('94) and Krista (Kiehl '01) Pierce

William and Anne Pierce

Thomas and Kathy Plowden

Christopher ('93) and Mayumi Pohl

Peter ('76) and Pamela (Daniels '75) Polk

C. William and Judith Pollard

Wesley Pontier

Gene ('70) and Harriet Potoka

Joseph and Karin Potoshnick

Fred and Dianne (Hess '76) Powell

Heather Price ('11)

William and Kate (Erdman '75) Prins

Scott and Betty Probasco

Thomas and Mary (Peterson '67) Pyle

Scott and Jamie Quatro

Mary Belle Quesenberry

Edwin and Rhonda Quillian

Peter and Linda (Nielsen '77)

Stephanie (Glass) Radbiol ('00)

David ('77) and Ruth (Stanton '77) Raih

Ryland Rainsford ('11)

Elizabeth Ramage ('11)

Stacey ('90) and Lois ( '91) Rawlings

James ('09) and Arrika (Steinberg '09) Rayburn

La Verne Rayburn

Robert ('72) and Florence Rayburn

Robert ('08) and Jordan (Bean '08) Rayburn

Jennifer Reichmann ('11)

Richard ('86) and Julene (Davis '88) Reinink

Ronald and Mary Reinink

Richard ('64) and Marla Reiter

Joanna Reitz ('06)

John ('00) and Charity (Anderson '99) Render

William ('94) and Anna Rice

Justin ('09) and Molly Richards

Mark and Dianna Rienstra

Karis (Brauer) Rigby ('08)

Todd ('94) and Theresa (Tucker '93) Riggs

Nathaniel and Jill Robbins

Amy (Horton) Roberts ('11)

Andy ('90) and Ann (Pink '92) Robinson

E. Montgomery ('81) and Kathy Robinson

Katherine Robinson ('11)

Ted and Deanna (Bell '81) Rogers

Richard and Judy (Shelley '73) Rogers

Mary Grace Rogers ('01)

Andrew and Lydia (Jones '09) Rominger

James ('87) and Julie Rosenberger

Jordan Ross ('03)

Andrew Rountree ('07)

Marshall ('87) and Suellen (Wilson '86) Rowe

Timothy ('02) and Bethany (Boulton '02) Rowe

Susan Rowland ('74)

Connie Russell ('08)

Richard ('88) and Dawn ( '89) Russell

Mark ('96) and Martha (Kickasola '96) Rusten


Michael and Megan (VanderHart '99) Saben

Michael and Kerith ('94) Salazar

David Salmon ('92)

James ('85) and Mariselle (Lajara '88) Salter

E. Sandel

David and Linda (Mininger '96) Sanders

Thomas Sanders ('11)

Todd and Renea (Marshall '92) Santel

Cynthia (Gronewold) Savage ('77)

Timothy Sceggel ('06)

Frederick ('01) and Barbara Schalmo

Philip and Faith (Adams '67) Scheer

Scott Schindler ('10)

Clifford and Corrin (Ranney '01) Schlecht

Andrew ('01) and Virginia (Blair '01) Schmidt

Thomas and Sandi Schreiner

Eric Scott ('09)

J. and Florence Scott

Bill and Kay (Weidemann '71) Scott

Kelly and Joanna (Hessenbruch '02) Scruggs

Herb Seigler

Gary and Diane (Schenz '82) Semjenow

Shane ('92) and Lynn (LeMahieu '88) Shaarda

Benny and Sarina (den Dulk '08) Sharp

Andrew Shaughnessy ('11)

Charles and Sonya Shaughnessy

Andrew ('74) and Pamela (Murphy '75) Shaw

Dennis Shaw ('66)

Gordon and Jean Shaw

Sanford Shaw

William and Margaret (Gould '87) Sherman

Jane Shibley ('11)

Thomas ('71) and Yvonne Shorb

Andrew ('87) and Allison (DuBose '88) Siegenthaler

Doug and Alice Sikkema

Carol Simmons

Carolyn Sinclair ('74)

James ('65) and Beverly (Kesselring '66) Singleton

Douglas and Evelyn Sizemore

Aaron Skrivan ('11)

Jackson ('11) and Julia (Myers '11) Slagle

Mark ('04) and Claire (Larson '03) Slavovsky

Peter and Judy Slavovsky

Katie Sligh ('03)

Stephen ('69) and Annette Sligh

Michael ('01) and Emily (McCampbell '98) Sloan

Gordon ('75) and Jennifer Sluis

Isaiah Smallman ('11)

James and Sally Smartt

Marian and John Smartt

Sam and Donna Smartt

Tami Smialek ('81)

Amy Smith ('07)

Frank ('76) and Penelope Smith

Richard and Heather (Lashbrook '03) Smith

J. Brookes ('80) and Sandra (Strelow '81) Smith

James Smith

John ('82) and Aimee Smith

Nicholas ('02) and Stefanie (Long '02) Smith

Nicole Smith ('06)

Timothy ('86) and Cynthia Smith

Brandon Snipes ('11)

William ('03) and Sandra (Gillen '83) Snuggs

Nathan and Sue ('83) Sochor

Nelson ('05) and Emily (Kling '05) Somerville

Kristi Spinello ('96)

Elizabeth Stacey ('01)

Glenn Stahl

Doug and Debbie Stair

Lawrence ('70) and Nichola (Oppert '69) Stanley

William ('69) and Paulette (Peacock '69) Stanley

David ('72) and Joan (Lindley '75) Stanton

Leon ('79) and Jonell Stauffer

Elijah ('03) and Alison Stephens

Henry and Kathleen Stevens

Jonathon and Marian (Brown '69) Stevenson

Darrell ('74) and Margaret (Noe '74) Stewart

Patsy Stickel

Roy and Pauline Stillwell

Dean ('66) and Donna Stortz

Scott ('82) and Beth (Baum '83) Strelow

Andrew ('07) and Elizabeth (Morrow '08) Strickenburg

Priscilla Strom ('72)

Virginia Strom ('72)

Ruth Strothers

Joshua Suddath ('07)

Edward ('92) and Elizabeth (McCampbell '93) Sunder

Edward and Katherine Sunder

Charles and Frauna Swanson

Erik ('02) and Joy (Vaughn '03) Swanson

Joel Swanson ('03)

Rob and Suzi (Corwin '00) Sweeten

Benjamin ('03) and Christina (Tamminga '03) Swinburnson

Leonard ('96) and Leslie (Malone '06) Sykes

William and Joanna (Beatty '85)

Kyle and Shannon Taylor

Mary Taylor

Raymond and Lynda Taylor

Thomas ('78) and Margaret (Meek '77) Taylor

Thomas and Stephanie Tebbs

J. Mark and Linda (Laverell '69) Tedford

Tian and Sharon (Holman '86) Teh

Walter ('87) and Amy Terlitsky

Marguerite Tessitore

Daniel ('78) and Brenda (Dady '84) Theune

Patrick ('08) and Jessica (High '08) Thibodeau

William and Kathleen ('81)

Royce ('77) and Nancy (Waid '78) Thiessen

Mark ('77) and Judith (Jones '76) Thomas

Steven ('86) and Wendeline (Hummel '92) Thomas

Lydia (Engler) Thompson ('99)

Nathan ('91) and Jennifer Thompson

Ryan Todt ('95)

Megan Toms ('99)

Andrew Touma ('97)

John ('06) and Christina (Jones '01) Tracy

Randolph ('76) and Carol Trader

John Traver ('99)

Carly Troxell ('08)

Anthony ('99) and Rachel (Bode '99) Tucker

Lauren Turner ('11)

Wesley and Beverly (Moore '65) Ulrich

Julia Ulrich ('00)


Rebecca Valkenburg ('11)

Roland and Cindy (Jorritsma '90) Van Heest

Roland and Carolan Van Heest

Abigail Van Ness ('07)

Kenneth ('86) and Christy (Longacre '84) Van Stelle

Timothy Van Vliet ('11)

Timothy ('88) and Stacey (UpDeGraff '91) Van Voorhis

Luke ('07) and Teri (Hannula '06) Van Vuren

Stephen ('67) and Catherine (Anderson '68) Van Wechel

Donald and Sheriann (DeGroot '69) VanDyk

Joshua VanDyke ('11)

Hannah Vanbiber ('11)

Allen and Marcia (Fikkert '79) Vander Pol

Emily Vander Veen ('11)

Paul ('93) and Nicole Vander Zwaag

Roger and Lettie Vander Zwaag

Jonathan Vanderhart ('10)

James and Char Vannette

Winship Varner ('01)

Kevin ('02) and Wendy (Lee '94) Vedders

David ('09) and Joy (Muether '08) Veldkamp

Catherine and Ralph Ver Velde

Rachel Verville ('10)

Lianne Visser ('11)

Jonathan Voogt ('07)

Emily (Roach) Voshell ('69)

Susan Voskuil ('85)

Brad and Kelli Voyles

Eric and Mercedes Wagner

George ('64) and Rebecca Wakefield

Audrey Waldecker ('11)

Walter and Anne Waldie

Bryan Walker ('96)

Lillianne Walker ('11)

Zach and Auburn (Paulk '95)

David Walters

Michael Walters ('98)

Robert ('88) and Kimberley (Harris '86) Walters

Ross and Carole Walters

R. Douglas ('71) and Gail

Keith and Kathryn (Wright '82) Wargo

David ('84) and Catherine (Childs '84) Washburn

Laura Muller Waters ('09)

Mark and Joanna (Wykoff '07) Watne

Heather Waugh ('09)

Paul Weinhold

Steven ('91) and Christina (Larrison '91) Wells

Jacqueline Welsh

Jerome and Faith Wenger

Lance and Julie Wescher

Brian and Susan (Hawkins '03) Whitacre

Denver and Amy (Long '09) White

Joseph and Joan White

Melissa (Withington) Whitford ('03)

Glen and Becky Wieldraayer

Darby Wiggins ('94)

David ('93) and Paula (Sokody '93) Wilding

David Wilkinson ('11)

Farhat (Lall) Williams ('91)

Sanders and Allison Willson

Charles and Eleanor Wilson

Mark ('75) and Patricia (Cochran '68) Wilson

Kelly Winfrey ('89)

John and Betty Jo Wingard

Emily Winship

Mathew ('07) and Rachel (Tilley '00) Witherow

Robert and Carla Witmer

Ken and Lois (Cordes '72) Wolf

William and Susan (Sutton '88) Wolf

Danica Wolfe ('09)

Richard and Lynda Wolff

Britney Wood ('11)

Jason ('00) and Erin (Harris '99) Wood

Zachary ('04) and Hannah (Hager '01) Wood

Robert and Linda Woodard

Glenn and Jennifer (Beall '80) Woodruff

Thomas ('62) and Joan Woolfolk

David and Sally Worland

Kenneth ('79) and Bonnie (Stephenson '79) Wright

Dale Wykoff ('77)

Carolyn Wynja ('02)

Elizabeth Wynja ('97)

Luke ('01) and Julia Wynja

Peter Yagel ('10)

Hyun Yoo ('94)

William Young ('10)

Andrew ('84) and Beth Ann (Piske '83) Zeller

Walter ('85) and Tracey (Compton '84) Zumbach

Mark and Jennifer (Lewandowski '90) deRu

Hugo and Loretta van Dooren

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